Style Tips To Attract Love

Style Tips To Attract Love
Style Tips To Attract Love

The first date is a make or break moment based on first impressions.  I wholeheartedly believe your outfit speaks volumes to your date.  As a matchmaker, I have told countless women seeking love through my offices the same secrets I’m going to tell you.  Some of these are obvious, some are not.  Afterwards, there won’t be a date you’ll be unprepared for ladies! With these simple yet very important style tips to attract love it could make the difference between tonight or forever.

First big mistake I see in my line of work – dressing too provocatively. The men who seek out my services, just like any man off the street, isn’t looking for just any woman they could see at a bar or nightclub.  Seems counter-intuitive to what we think about men right?  Most of the men I’ve set up on dates want the opposite of that image – they’re looking for a sophisticated, confident, intelligent woman for a long-term relationship.

You’re asking yourself, “Okay, how do I dress on the first date so I give off the ‘I want to see more of you’ vibe, instead of the ‘let’s head over to your place for a fling’ vibe?”  It’s the question of the ages. Think of it like this – whenever you go out, you always want to give a memorable impression. Whether it’s the valet that opens your door, the maître d, or the person that matters the most, your date. What you wear can say quite a bit about your upbringing, education, and personality. I want you to dress elegantly, so that everyone around you is left with a lasting, respectable impression.

Best Eye Shadow Palette from MAC CosemticsHair and Makeup

A touch of makeup goes a long way towards giving you the air of class.  For those of you that can afford it, it’s always better to get your hair and makeup done professionally. If you don’t know a makeup artist, you can always go to a blow dry bar and get your makeup done at a MAC counter near you. If you have a friend who has flawless makeup skills, don’t be shy, ask for help! Don’t want to bother a friend? Look up apps on your phone to find makeup pros near you.


A dress on a first date can do wonders for you.  You want to show off your beauty and personal style and make your date go “wow!”  Skip pants on your first date. Second date, go wild! Leggings don’t count! On the prospective date ladies, you want to convey a softer and feminine side.

Regardless of your budget, whether it’ll be a dress for $100 or $5,000 (I’ve done both!), here are some key pointers:

Style Tips To AttractLength: Keep the length gracious. Your dress should be two inches or less above the knee. A dress should be like a term paper – long enough to cover the topic, short enough to keep your attention.

Cuts: On the topic of showmanship, the cuts of your dress styles are just as important as the length in portraying you as a sophisticated woman.  Keep the cleavage minimal ladies. Some is okay. Wear a pendant around your neck if you want to draw attention away yet want to show some cleavage. If you’re putting the goods on full display, your date may jump to conclusions about the woman you are.  Leave something to the imagination and he will want to court you like the proper woman you are.

If you own a backless dress, save it for a few dates down the line.  You’ll certainly grab your date’s attention wearing it, though you might convey a more come hither message than you intend to.

Colors and Patterns: Wear colors that compliment your skin color. If you’re pale and wear darker styles, you look even paler. Olive tones generally look good in earthy colors. Darker skin can really play with bright, warm colors. Play with a color wheel to learn about complimentary colors. If you’re unsure, ask a friend, makeup artist, or your local MAC Cosmetics counter what skin tone color you are. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with the little black dress every woman has in her closet.

Jimmy Choo Heels!!!Shoes

Flat out, I tell my women clients no platforms, no towering stilettos.  The last thing you want to do is remind a man of a stripper.  It doesn’t mean don’t wear any heels that night.  Just keep it chic. No glitter or high intensity colors either.  Go for simple and coordinate colors with your outfit. Shorter women, heels are your friends. If you’re on the taller side, go with a pair of stylish flats or shorter heels.

On the topic of shoes, here’s a bonus hint I share with consults. When I meet a man, I look at his shoes. Why you ask? Because his shoes are a window into his soles (bad pun I know!) Really, it can tell you so much about him. If a man spends money on a good pair of shoes, it shows he values himself. If he values himself, he will value a respectable woman who crosses his path.

Written by Simona Fusco: Always driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Simona opened her online clothing boutique “Style by Simona Fusco” in 2015. Her designs are meant to foster boss babes wanting sophisticated, trendy styles at affordable prices.

Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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