Style Tips For Fashionistas This Winter

Style Tips For Fashionistas This Winter
Style Tips For Fashionistas This Winter

While every style guru is preparing you for the fall, what are you going to do about the winter? Have you thought about this yet? Winter is usually a time for big coats, chunky scarves, and woolly hats, but it also time for you to get stylish, sleek and sexy. But how can you do this without looking dumpy and frumpy? Let’s get you some style tips for the winter months!

Styling Your Jeans

The most tempting thing to do when the temperatures begin to drop is to put on a pair of jeans and a cardigan and just cozy up on the sofa. But what happens when you need to go out? A simple trick to do is cuff your jeans. By rolling up the jeans it slims the cut, showing off the shape of your legs more and it helps to balance out the look with the chunky cardigan. By cuffing your jeans you also get to show off your winter boots, but if you’re after something a little different, felt slippers are chunky and comfy on your feet and is very low maintenance. No buckles with these bad boys!

Slimming Your Frame

The one thing bulky sweaters do well is to make us all look bigger than we actually are. The best solution is to combine this with the slender legging look. Leggings are not just comfortable, but they make your bottom half look very slim, which helps to lessen your bulky frame that the sweater is all too good at doing! Make sure you add a belt and some platform shoes to lengthen your legs, and you’ve got a stylish and warm look that compliments your frame.

Picking Your Sweaters

Nothing speaks comfort in the middle of winter than sweaters. However, chunky sweaters are a big no-no, make sure you go for thin knits and go for sweaters and cardigans that layer well. You don’t want to be adding additional bulk. And when it comes to color, make sure you don’t contrast too much. Try and pick colors from the same family, unless you are going for the Phoebe Buffay in winter look, which isn’t too stylish!

Do We Need A Winter Coat?

If you’re in Russia, yes. But if you are fed up of wearing a huge winter coat, then why don’t you switch things up by wearing a nice sleek cape? It keeps you just as warm, but there is a lot less fabric. Pair a cape with some jeans, and you’ve got a stylish look that is good to go.

Use Your Summer Wardrobe To Your Advantage!

Mixing chiffon dresses or silk with woolly sweaters and big coats is a winning combination. Make sure that you pick lightweight dresses and skirts and go for darker colors like black or navy, rather than your summary yellows and greens.

Yes, winter is coming, that but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish every step of the way. Try these fashion and style combinations to be stylish and cozy!


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