Style by Gail Garrison

Style by Gail Garrison
Style by Gail Garrison

If you are looking to dress up for the Hollywood red carpet than look no further than Gail Garrison’s fabulous collections.  She specializes in glamorous cocktail and evening wear which are one-of-a- kind original designs and are cut to fit you perfectly.  She will also assure you that you will be looking amazing and comfortable all night long.

With her charming personality and elegant sense of style Hollywood celebrities and stylists call Gail to dress them up for exclusive red carpet affairs and special events.  She is trustworthy and will make them look stunning every time. Her work can be booked months in advance to make sure their choice of dress will be altered properly.  Gail will not let you wear her dresses unless she personally sizes and fits you before you walk out the door.

Fashion-and-Styles-Celebrity-Style-Hollywood-Style-Fashion-Magazine-Beverly-Hills-Magazine-Gail-Garrison-4The fashion designer believes her Gail Garrison Collection is designed for the very modern, contemporary woman whose age is timeless with unique style all for an affordable price so many women can wear her designs.  “Every woman wants to be glamorous and her budget should not stop her from looking fabulous!” says Gail Garrison.  Her styles fit like second skin and women keep coming back to her for other special occasions time after time.  She loves the look of a leopard and makes sure that every collection will have a leopard print of some sort.

 She also designed a line of beautiful wedding gowns and are available at the most upscale boutiques.  Her collection is elegant, sophisticated and very classy in style which is exactly what every modern bride is looking for. Her creations are made with precious French lace and sequins with glittery golden embroidery as well as shimmering soft multicolored brocades.  Garrison’s craftsmanship is impeccable and will make you feel sexy and sensuous to the touch.Fashion-and-Styles-Celebrity-Style-Hollywood-Style-Fashion-Magazine-Beverly-Hills-Magazine-Gail-Garrison-2

As she says it best: “A Woman is the Essence of Love, a Man is her Passion, Welcome to My Dream…”

 Gail has the trust of a loyal following which include celebrities, royalty of foreign countries and media personalities.  When it comes to women looking their best, they call on her talent and trust her abilities.  She also takes the time to meet women personally at events and shows and is always willing to meet her customer’s needs and what they are looking for.  Gail believes that every woman can look and feel confident when a dress flatters her and in essence brings out the real you.  She wants her clients to be able to relate to her and understand that she is her brand image and stand behind it.

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“My biggest fashion statement is to have a strong sense of self worth. Not arrogance, be humble, and never stoop to a low level, never believe someone is better – women should never give their power away. To know there value system and what works for them. Do not try to be something you are not.” Gail says.

Gail’s evening wear collection is available in specialty boutiques throughout the United States and Canada. 

By Sylvia Sylver


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