Stunningly Elegant Watches By Ted Baker London

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Lilabel 2H Bracelet Watch

About Ted Baker:

Ted Baker is a world-renowned brand offering contemporary clothing, accessories shoes and watches for men and women. The company is known for its subtle humor, distinctive use of color and pattern, attention to detail, and, above all, its dedication to high-quality craftsmanship. In this article we bring to you 4 gorgeous pieces from the women’s range, the Lilabel timepiece.

It features the brand’s iconic magnolia motif across its 36mm transparent dial. This collection is the first to incorporate the magnolia motif, which represents perseverance, strength, and beauty in nature. “The magnolia motif was lifted directly from the Ted Baker archive and stretches back to a constant deep-rooted association with floral designs from our inception in 1988.” – Anthony Cuthbertson, Global Creative Director at Ted Baker.

Lilabel 2H Bracelet Watch, 36mm (Pictured Above)

This first piece we bring to you is the Lilabel 2H Bracelet watch, 36mm. A graceful magnolia accented in gold tone plate decorates the see-through dial of a statement-making bracelet watch that’s perfect for everyday wear. It features a 36mm case; 14mm band width, a Quartz movement and a mineral crystal face. Furthermore, it is made stainless steel with goldtone plate and is made in Japan. We can imagine this watch for semi-formal occasions as well; like in the office or at a cockail party.

Lilabel Leather Strap Watch, 36mm

Ted Baker luxury watches beverly hills magazine 3 #fashion #shop #style #watches #luxurywatches #TedBaker #BeverlyHillsMagazine #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsThe second classy, minimalist and sophisticated piece we feature to you is the Lilabel Leather Strap Watch, 36mm in gold and black. A textured magnolia blossom fills the see-through dial of this stunning watch set on an embossed leather strap for everyday statement making. Moreover, it features a 36mm case; 14mm band width, Quartz movement, a mineral crystal face and stainless steel/goldtone plate/leather. We can imagine this watch as an everyday staple to your outfit to give it an extra oomph, class and sass.

There you have 2 show stopping, girly and fun pieces from Ted Baker’s Magnolia motif. Check TedBaker for more watch selections. To see other must have lady watches we’ve featured before, click here.

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