Spring Fashion and Style Trends

Spring Fashion Trends
Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner but no matter the season, fashion and style is always on my mind.  That’s why I have these spring fashion and style trends just for you. It’s now time to update your closet with fresh florals, crisp whites and shades of pink.  And by the way, it’s also time to create your own success.

I am particularly drawn to this white Alaia dress because of the easy fit and unique design.  I love the way it hugs my torso, while giving me a bit of room around my hips with a bubble-like flare.  It’s important for me to know the history of a designer, which gives me insight into the garment.

See what’s trending in Spring Fashion and Style…Watch now:

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One of my favorite sayings is that “no over night success is born overnight.”  I believe it takes hard work, a few fails, more determination, and continued perseverance for years to become an overnight success.  Azzedine Alaia is the perfect example of this. He is a Tunisian born haute-couture designer that began his long and winding path to success in the late 1970’s.

He has dressed everyone from Greta Garbo, Madonna and Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga.  His evolution is marked by a partnership with Prada in 2000, which led to an impressive comeback and to being known as the designer to which many of us are now familiar with, simply Alaia.

Florals are another style that I love.  And these florals are not just little petit patterns of cute flowers.  The summer trend consists of large, bold flowers adorned to full skirts.  The length can ranges anywhere from mini to calf to ball skirts.  Either way, don’t be afraid to work the bold and big floral trend.  The best way to balance out a full skirt is to pair it with a fitted crop top.   Since the full skirt usually lies at your true waist, the crop top and skirt will end up covering most of your mid-section.   No need to worry!

Fall in Love with this Floral Dress...Buy Now!!!
Fall in Love with this Floral Dress…Buy Now!!!

Fashion is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin.  The way in which we dress and present ourselves is unconsciously perceived by those around you.  Are you well put together?  Are you disheveled?  Are you bringing life to your clothes?  If you put thought in to your wardrobe, others take notice in a positive way.  The perception becomes; if you take pride in your appearance, you must take pride in other aspects of your life too.

As a career woman and mom, it’s important for me to take pride in my appearance.  I may be guilty of school drop off in my workout gear or sweats, however, I always get ready for the day and pull together a well thought out outfit.  I like knowing that my co-workers and friends know that I dress the part and work hard.  I like making my daughter proud.  Fashion isn’t just an abstract word; it carries the weight of perception, confidence, beauty and success.


Spring Fashion Trends

When you are slipping in to the latest spring trends, remember it’s not just about crisp white, florals, and pinks.  It’s about creating the best perception of you on your journey to success!

By Camille Anderson (Pictured)

Photographed by JD Timeless Photography

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