Smart Skiing Tips for Beginners

Smart Skiing Tips for Beginners #beverlyhills #ski #skiresorts #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine
Smart Skiing Tips for Beginners #beverlyhills #ski #skiresorts #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Skiing can be quite daunting for a novice, and that’s even before you hit the slopes. You may not have the slightest clue what to wear or where to begin. All you know is that you want to be stylish. Adorning yourself with the best gear when you hit the slopes for the first time will make you feel confident even as a beginner. ( Image Credit: Oleksandr Pyrohov/Pixabay)

Here are a few tips and tricks for the first-time skier. Remember, we all have to start somewhere.

Be Smart

Finding a trail for beginners is key. A local ski resort will work because it gives you the opportunity to practice before you hit the bigger, more high-profile slopes in Colorado, Utah, or the Alps.

Finding the best terrain will come with experience and knowledge. You can find a great skiing and mountaineering blog that can help you discover the best skiing spots in the area. Whether you’re looking for beginner, intermediate, or advanced slopes, these blogs are a great way to educate yourself on different skiing experiences so you can make an informed decision on where to go.

Raiding Your Closet

Ski equipment is expensive. Before you know whether you’re going to enjoy it or not, just start with the basics. Invest in a good set of bottom layers. Make sure you top it with a fleece jacket and waterproof pants.

A good pair of gloves is also a necessity. After you try it and love it, you can upgrade your wardrobe with the best ski wear ML Furs has to offer for days on the slopes and nights on the town.

Always Lift

Before touching the snow, you will need a lift ticket. It provides access to the resort or mountain and to the ski lifts. Prices vary but you can go on off-peak-times like mid-week and receive a heavy discount at most places. Some resorts even offer discounts to children and senior skiers. You can normally purchase lift passes on the resort’s website or in person at the resort.


There’s no reason to buy boots and skis as a beginner. All resorts have rentals available, so take advantage and save some money. Ski resorts have new and modern skis and boots as well. Try a couple different styles. Find out what works best for you first, so you can make the right choices when you do decide to buy your own equipment.

Your skiing experience will be better if you rent skis and boots instead of borrowing a friend’s old pair of dated skis or boots. Even if you have a pair of old skis or boots available for free, learning to ski on a modern pair of skis is not only safer than skiing on old skis but it will help you progress faster.

Take a Lesson

Take a lesson from a professional instructor and not a well-intentioned friend. Having the correct knowledge before hitting the slopes will ensure safety and the power of knowledge. The ski instructors at resorts know the terrain, so you can learn from an expert and feel safe while skiing for the day.


Make sure during a long day on the slopes that you are stopping for a drink of water or even a snack. Breaks help refocus your brain and rest your muscles. You are exercising new muscle groups so they will tire out. Rest, then begin again.

Stay Safe

Skiing is a fun sport, but it should be done with caution. Stay in control and safe at all times. Always listen to your instructor and practice on the bunny slopes. Have fun and give yourself plenty of time to learn.

Learning to ski is exciting. Enjoy the snow and the new adventure.

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