Size Up Apparel LLC– An American Clothing Brand Success Story

Size Up Apparel LLC– An American Clothing Brand Success Story #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmag #bevhillsmag #sizeupapperal #sizeupsupplement #qualityproducts

According to Chase Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Size Up Apparel, the idea for establishing a clothing line started from his first company Size Up Supplements. It had a successful marketing campaign in 2011. Back then free shirts were given to paying customers who bought supplements in their first Size Up Supplements store.

“Size Up Apparel arose from a need. Clothing in supplement stores was doing well. In fact, they were so good that people kept asking where they could “buy” the shirts I was giving away for free. Then a light bulb went off, and a few years later (2017), Size Up Apparel LLC was born.”

– Chase Campbell.

The Free Shirt Campaign was a big success back then. People started coming to their store to buy supplements and to get their free Size Up Shirt. This made their sales go up.

“People were ecstatic because they could get free stuff. So, what can I do to make it work for both of us? I decided that a Free shirt was the best option for me. When someone wears a Size Up shirt, they become a walking billboard wherever they go. If there are enough walking billboards out there. Customers who are unfamiliar with the company will be intrigued.”

– Chase Campbell.

Now, fast forward to the present day. Size Up Apparel’s clothing line includes Cargo Denim Pants, Denim Jeans, Plaid Pants, Tech Pants, Joggers, up shorts, Tanks, Tees, Shirts, Tops, Leggings, Wind Breakers, Hoodies, Bags, Back Packs and a lot more.

Size Up Apparel’s Mission is to provide the best customer service possible. They guarantee that no competitor will ever outwork them. Their Vision is to provide a sincere and personalized connection to every customer. Size Up Apparel is confident with its products. And they challenge their competition to match their hunger, pricing, and quality.

With Chase Campbell never say die attitude, determination, and his 3 principles in life:

“My parents always beat three things into my head when I was a kid: Never, ever give up; Always be yourself; And do whatever makes you happy.” – Chase Campbell.

Success is simply inevitable to this young CEO, with his reasonably priced line of apparel made from quality materials. His brand is steadily getting the right kind of attention from the right crowd.

But Chase Campbell’s early life wasn’t so fortunate. Before he could start his first company – Size Up Supplements. He endured hard times when in 2011, tragedy struck their family when his father lost his job, and soon after they lost their home. Those were very difficult times for Chase, bouncing from one relative’s home to another. But instead of giving up or taking the easy way by dealing drugs. His determination and fortitude kicked in and an idea began to form.

Image Credit: Size Up Supplements

Chase took the concept of “Drug Dealing” and brainstormed ways to do something similar but legal. Chase started selling supplements to his friends who were mostly into fitness. He sourced out suppliers who offered good pricing on supplements. So that he could supply and resell them to his friends cheaper but with a modest profit.

“At the time, all my friends worked out and were interested in fitness, which inspired me to sell supplements to them.”

– Chase Campbell.

After setting up his website to sell supplements ( Slowly but surely sales began coming in. Being a good marketer, Chase gave out discount coupons and posted banner ads online. But what caught the people’s attention was the free Size Up shirt given to every paying customer.

Because of this brilliant marketing tactic Size Up Supplements started to be noticed. A stream of customers followed. Eight months after establishing his first Size Up Supplements store at Shelby MI. And with his online sales going up to 50% of his total sales. He decided to expand and opened his second location at Auburn Hills, MI. After Auburn Hills, there was Chesterfield, MI, and now there are 8 Size Up Supplements in three states. Size Up Supplements have a total of 24 employees today.

He confesses that much has changed since the early days, but the vision and mindset have not. With an expanding business, Chase delegated the store’s management to one of his trusted friends, Len. So that he can focus on doing the backend work.

“I learned more on my own through trial and error and believing in myself than any other method. I’m grateful to everyone who didn’t believe in me or dismissed me. That sparked an eternal flame that will consume me for the rest of my life.”

“I’m thankful for the people I call my friends and family today. Because without them, none of this would be possible. And more importantly, this journey would not have been what it is without them.”

– Chase Campbell.

Size Up Apparel LLC has only been in business for over three years, providing quality products that speak for themselves. Their product is intended for those who have calloused hands, grit, and swagger – the working man and woman. Their ideal customer is someone who wakes up every day and puts blood, sweat, and tears into their job.

Today, Size Up Apparel LLC is rapidly growing, it has its warehouse and warehouse staff. And has plans of opening stores in several states and expanding their online marketing activities. I think we’ll be seeing more of Size Up LLC and its CEO, Chase Campbell in the future.

“Thank you all for your continued support, without you none of this would be possible! Also to anyone who has a dream in life, go for it. Never Give Up!”

“My journey is still continuing and it’s not going to end any time soon! I can’t imagine doing anything else and be as passionate or happy as I do now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported Size Up over the years. I adore you all.”

– Chase Campbell.

Size Up Store Locations:

  1. Size Up Supplements – Shelby Charter, MI
  2. Size Up Supplements – Auburn Hills, MI
  3. Size Up Supplements – Chesterfield, MI
  4. Size Up Supplements – Novi, MI
  5. Size Up Supplements – Rochester Hills, MI
  6. Size Up Apparel LLC – 50421 Hayes RD., Shelby, MI 48315

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