Six Audition Tips for a Voice Actor

Six Audition Tips for a Voice Actor:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #voiceactor #voiceoverartist #voiceactor #filmindustry #actors #actingaudition #auditions #voiceactorauditions
Six Audition Tips for a Voice Actor:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #voiceactor #voiceoverartist #voiceactor #filmindustry #actors #actingaudition #auditions #voiceactorauditions

Becoming a star overnight is highly impossible, and of course, everyone wants to find success in everything that they do.  The film industry is one of the most glamorous fields of all, and it is important to prove yourself when you are part of it. Either as an actor, director, producer, or music director, each one of them must possess the required skillset and quality that is required to sustain in this space. (Image Credits: Bret Sayles/Pexels)

There are a lot of opportunities that one can bag in the film industry, and one such profession is the voice actor or the voice-over-artists. This is apparently one of the toughest professions in the entire cinema industry. Playing the role of the voice-over artist is difficult because of the following reasons.

  1. The artists are always behind the screen
  2. They need to work day and night without a break
  3. They must be ready to offer their voices to cartoon characters as well
  4. It becomes essential to be multilingual
  5. They cannot afford to make mistakes

Since there are many such hassles in the job profile, not many would qualify for the voice acting jobs. But, if you want to come out with flying colors, it is important to learn a few techniques and implement them at your job. Mentioned below are the six important audition tips that every voice actor must try when they are seeking opportunities in this respective area.

  1. Ability to change voices

Changing voices, according to the characters, is one of the essential tips for every Voice Actor to implement. There are different scenarios where the artists might be lending their voices to different characters in the same movie.

Having the same voice texture, modulation, toe, and intonation would certainly kill the characters instantly. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of voice-over artists to change voices accordingly.

Also, during auditions, the director might ask you to shift between different kinds of voices to render the same script. You must certainly possess the uncanny ability to change voices instantly else, and the selection might certainly take a toll.

  1. Have fluency over the language

Unless and until you are fluent in a language, you would not be able to render the dialogues according to the expectations. There are a lot of coaching classes that exclusively deals with language skills. Getting yourself enrolled in those classes or practicing on your own, it is essential to gain a total grip over the language.

  1. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Unless and until you rehearse well, it becomes impossible for you to become the best voice over artist. As a voice actor, you may have to deliver several lines of the script at one go. It is important to read through the lines over and over and become one with the character and then try delivering the lines like a professional.

  1. Record and check

Even before you go for a voice-over audition, it is good to record your voice.  When you listen to your own recording, it becomes easy to work on the mistakes and improve them even further. When you record, make your friends or relatives listen to it and ask them to give critical feedback and work on it immediately.

Ultimately, the duty of a Voice over artist is to gain more number of listeners, and that can happen only with constant focus, dedication, hard work, and feedback. Only with improvisation, you would be able to get a better chance to clear the auditions easily.

  1. Get the words right the first time.

It is essential to avoid mistakes when you are saying the lines assigned to you. Remember to read through the lines several times and get the pronunciation of the words right at the first time. Some of the directors are extremely particular about the pronunciation, and with just a couple of mistakes, you might end up risking your audition.

The best thing is to make use of the technology and get the sounds of the syllables and the pronunciation of the word right even before you go for the take. This can quickly eliminate your chances of falling out of the audition.

  1. Stay calm and focused.

This is one of the essential ingredients that are required for every voice over artist to develop. This is the toughest amongst all the skill sets to develop, but with utmost dedication and determination, one can easily master the art of staying cool at times. A voice-over artist has to remain calm and composed at all times as the change in their temperament can quickly reflect on the voices. With this, the character would lose its importance.

Well, these are the major tips that can help every voice over artist to clear their audition quickly and easily. We hope these tips come handy to you when you are getting ready for your voice audition.

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