Simple Style Tips for Modern Working Women

Simple Style Tips for Modern Working Women #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #workingwomen #workingwoman #workingmoms #stunningfashion #fashiontips #styletips #simplefashiontips #personalstyle #outfits
Simple Style Tips for Modern Working Women #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #workingwomen #workingwoman #workingmoms #stunningfashion #fashiontips #styletips #simplefashiontips #personalstyle #outfits

Women are without a doubt, superheroes! They can jungle between the pressures of family life, education and career with the needed care and grace. However, like with all the multi-tasking marvels, working women are known to often neglect themselves. Just because one has to do the daily house chores, make school drop-offs and still manage a full-time job doesn’t mean they don’t want to look stunning. (Image Credit: Senivpetro/Freepik)

A recent survey conducted on working women suggested that most working moms spend less than one hour on self-care daily. It has become so easy for women to put fashion priorities at the back burner. Comfort is normally the go-to style for most of these women rather than being fashionable or hopping on the latest trends. This being said, looking incredible has all to do with the mindset. Working women don’t have to always look voguish but rather look presentable and feel their best both at home and work. Below are some unbelievably simple must-know fashion tips for the working woman;

  • Always have a Morning and Evening Routine

Routines are an absolute must for working women. morning and evening routines prime one for success. They keep you from stumbling through your day and make sure you have time for the most important things. As a working woman, it helps to get up a little early before the rest of the family does to get that elusive “me time.” This time will help you plan your day as well as your outfits.

  • Everyday Basics are a Must  

It’s important to build a closet that works for your lifestyle. Don’t be carried away by fashion fads that simply don’t work for your busy schedule. Pick basic pieces that make you look your best and work with each other. For the working woman, everyday basics include Loro Piana black pull-on pants, a fitting pencil skirt, a black blazer and neutral-colored camisoles.

  • Find the Color that Works for You

When choosing your basics, keep in mind the colour palette. Make sure every item you pull out of your closet can work with other outfits. This can either be in a complementing way or a contrasting one. Have plenty of blacks and neutrals that are best recommended for the office setting.

  • Dress your Type of Body

There are plenty of fashion tips aimed at advising working women on what works for them and what doesn’t. When it comes down to it, the only rule in fashion is to wear what makes you feel your greatest. Always opt for clothes that are comfortable and add on to your confidence. Adorn the pieces that flatter your figure and highlight the areas you want to show off.

  • Accessorize to your Advantage

Accessories are just as important as your outfits. They define your style as well as present endless opportunities for your outfits. Bags, watches, scarves, necklaces, bracelets are some of the accessories that working women ought to have in their closet. They are the tiny elements that can elevate a basic outfit to the next level of sophistication as well as a way to express one’s personal style.

  • Dress up the Feet

Shoes can make or break an entire look. Shoes are essentially the cherry on the top when it comes to your overall outfit. It’s vital to pay attention to what goes onto your feet. Ballet flats are the go-to shoes for busy working women as they are comfortable and offer the needed support to the feet. A wedged heel is another alternative for the office as compared to heeled pumps that often leave the feet and ankles sore at the end of the day.

  • Get a Manageable Hairstyle

Doing hair each morning for a working woman can be quite a time- consuming, to say the least. Styling your hair while managing a household can be a bit too much for one. The best way to go about making hair is going for simple and practical. Get a good haircut that suits your face and makes you look impeccable. Ponytails are great for those busy days whereas a professional cut will work well in a formal setting. Select the styles that are low-maintenance and easy to just comb and go.

  • Retail Therapy is Important

One of the most important fashion tips for working women is taking time off for self, at least once in a week. Well, this goes without saying, retail therapy is a proven solution for the stresses and life’s pressures that working women face. A woman should always take time to cheer herself on by doing some things that she likes such as shopping, indulging in a facial, manicure, and pedicure to give thanks to your body that works extremely hard to make sure things are done.

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