Simple Skin Care Hacks For Summer

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In the heat of Beverly Hills, nothing is more important than protecting your skin from the sun. After all, maintaining a proper skin care routine is the best way to age with grace. In order to avoid the dark spots and wrinkles that come from sun exposure, you need to protect your skin. (Image Credit: Jill Wellington/Pixabay)

Even if you live a luxury lifestyle, it can be hard to maintain a regular skin care routine. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite simple skin care hacks that anyone can follow to promote beautiful, healthy skin.

Without further ado, here are some of the top tips you can follow when you want to protect your skin from the sun and heat.

Invest in brands that do double-duty

Contrary to popular belief, summer skin care hacks don’t have to involve incredibly complicated, hours-long application. Not everyone is a fan of the 10-step Korean skin care routine. If you like to keep it simple, the best thing you can do for your skin is to invest in products that serve multiple purposes. While it’s no surprise that many foundation brands also contain SPF, sweatproof foundations have become a lifesaver on those particularly humid summer days.

Investing in products that protect your skin from the sun and heat is essential during the summer. And while 85% of urgent care centers are open every day during the week, that doesn’t mean your sunburn will hurt any less! Even one blistering sunburn in your youth can lead to a higher risk for skin cancer. Be sure to apply these products every day before leaving the house in the summer. Once you’ve identified your favorite, skin-protecting products, you can incorporate them into your everyday routine.

Stock up on your favorites

Did you know that Ulta has more than 386 different face washes? These many options help target a range of skin care issues, from oily skin to blackheads to wrinkles. When you finally find a brand that you like, be sure to stock up on a few of your favorites for the long run.

Of course, you should be wary of the expiration date of the product. There’s nothing worse than cracking open a new bottle of facial cleanser only to find that it’s dried out in your cupboard. If you happen to find a product with a longer shelf-life, buy a few bottles at once. Since you have so many, this reminder can also encourage you to stick to a regular routine.

Read the label

If you notice alcohol as the main ingredient in your skin care products, put it back on the shelf. These harmful ingredients have the potential to dry out and irritate your skin, putting your health at risk for worse problems down the line. Only clean yourself with a pH-balanced cleanser and avoid products that contain glycolic acids and AHAs. If you can, opt for unscented soaps and allergy-friendly options for smoother, less irritated skin.

Best of all? These products don’t have to be expensive. Even actress Rachel Brosnahan swears by $9 drugstore skin care products that keep her looking fresh and rejuvenated. While luxury products might be your go-to, never doubt the simplicity of a good drug store option when you’re traveling.

Go to the dermatologist

Skin care revolves around finding the best products and maintenance for your specific skin type. Unless you’re a doctor, it can be hard to identify what works best for your type of skin.

Just like children start going to the dentist at seven years old, it’s never too early to go to the dermatologist. Here, you can learn about what products work best for your skin and which products you should avoid. Try to visit their office at regular intervals to ensure that your skin care is maintained all year long.

Because the global wellness industry is worth more than $3.7 trillion, there’s no doubt you can find a huge variety of products for your skin. Combined with simple skin care hacks, you have everything you need for more youthful looking skin. When you’re ready to slay all summer, try these tips for a more satisfying season.

Looking for more simple skin care hacks? Check out some of our favorite skin products for summer 2019!

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