Should I Buy A Pink Diamond Ring?

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Since pink diamond rings are less common than the traditional clear diamond ring, some are unsure about buying pink diamond rings.

Are pink diamonds even real diamonds? Are they naturally pink? What are they worth? Can you use them as engagement rings? All valid questions!

This blog post will outline everything you need to know about pink diamond rings from their meaning, how they come to be pink and what they are worth – so you can make the best possible decision for yourself.

1.  Are Pink Diamonds Really Diamonds?

The short answer is yes; they are real diamonds.

Like all diamonds, pink diamonds are formed over thousands of years and are primarily comprised of carbon. The colour difference in diamonds depends on the different elements present when the diamond is being naturally formed.

2.  Are Pink Diamonds Naturally Pink?

You might have gained a clue from the previous answer, but yes! They are naturally pink. The pink colour is formed by a mixture of the trace elements found in the diamond and how the diamond’s lattice structure was naturally formed.

3.  Are Pink Diamonds Valuable?

Yes! Pink is one of the RAREST colours of diamonds, which means they are worth a lot of money. This is because a very tiny percentage of diamonds are quality pink diamonds. Even then, there are different shades of pink with different values. Generally, the richer the colour, the more expensive.

If you are considering buying a pink diamond ring as an investment, you might see that some clear diamonds rings are more expensive than pink diamond rings (despite pink diamonds being much rarer).

This is because several factors like carats, the ring material and diamond size greatly influence how much the diamond is worth.

4. Can I Use A Pink Diamond Ring As An Engagement Ring?

Absolutely! Pink diamonds symbolise femininity, love and creativeness. This makes a pink diamond ring a perfect (and romantic alternative) to the traditional clear diamond ring. It’s also a great option if the person being proposed to is more of a trendsetter than a follower!.

Since coloured engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular, pink has become one of the most popular coloured diamond rings out there.

5.  Ring Material For Pink Diamond Rings

More often than not, you’ll see pink diamond rings made of white gold or platinum (which has a silver-coloured finish). This is for good reason. The cool tones of the silver finish complement pink diamonds and allow them to really shine for themselves. Gold can look clashy and distracting.

However, if you are interested in a more monochrome look, it’s possible to buy pink diamond rings made of rose gold. If the pink diamond has an orangey-hue, it can match the rose gold mental well and create a more subtle overall impression.

In Conclusion

Pink diamond rings are a fabulous choice because of their breathtaking beauty and value, and romantic meaning. This makes them an especially popular option as an engagement ring. The pink diamonds used in these rings are highly rare, naturally pink and very valuable.

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