Setting Expectations When Visiting A Med Spa Lakeland

Setting Expectations When Visiting A Med Spa Lakeland #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #medicalspas #medspa #skincareroutine #traditionalspas #bevhillsmag
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Are you considering getting a facial, or do you want to undergo other non-invasive cosmetic treatments? You may be required to go to a medical spa, such as Med Spa Lakeland, to have it done.

Medical spas, also known as med spas, are a type of facility that combines the elements of a classic day spa with those of a dermatology clinic. They typically do their work under the direction of a qualified medical professional.

Medical spas emphasize producing visible results for their clients, in contrast to dermatology clinics, which perform procedures and treatments that are more intensive and require medical-grade equipment or the expertise of a physician.

In a nutshell, they offer medical and cosmetic services that do not involve any sort of invasive procedure within a setting resembling a spa.

When you come to Med Spa Lakeland for the very first time, there are a few things you can expect, including the following:

1. Check-in

People generally consider medical spas to be medical facilities; therefore, you should anticipate more consultation and paperwork.

To proceed, you will be required to provide the proper documents, including identification documents. You will also receive post-treatment instructions, and you will have the opportunity to consult with the healthcare professional who will be administering the treatments to you.

The questionnaires distributed by medical spas are strikingly similar to those typically obtained from medical clinics.

Questions about your health, medical history, and physical history will be asked of you (allergies, medications, lifestyle, habits, etc.).

Some medical spas may require the paperwork for patient privacy rights or HIPAA compliance, office policies, mutual arbitration, and any other documents pertaining to revisions or refunds.

In addition to that, depending on the type of treatment you are receiving, you may also be required to hand in consent forms. Nearly all cosmetic procedures, including those involving injectables, lasers, and chemical peels, require patients to sign consent forms provided by the respective manufacturers. These forms provide a detailed description of all of the dangers, benefits, and difficulties associated with the treatments in question.

2. Consultation or Treatment

There are medical spa facilities that only offer consultation appointments for first-time clients. Still, there are others that will accommodate appointments for both a consultation and treatment on the same day.

Med Spa Lakeland offers complimentary consultations, followed by a treatment if the patient gives their consent and the physician, nurse, or aesthetician feels it is in the patient’s best interest to move forward.

Before undergoing any treatment involving cosmetic lasers, fillers, injectables, or chemical peels, for instance, there are a few medical conditions that should be ruled out as possible contraindications.

Because aspirin affects the patient’s blood, it is best to avoid giving them injectable medications if they have been taking the medication within the past few weeks.

It is strongly recommended that a chemical peel not be performed on a patient who is currently following a skincare routine that includes the use of retinol.

3. Questions

It is important to allow people administering treatments to ask questions, particularly right before they give the patient permission to go through with a particular treatment.

When visiting a medical spa, you should be prepared to answer questions along these lines, as they are among the most frequently asked:

  • What kinds of products do you typically purchase?
  • Do you make use of them frequently?
  • Will you be going to any upcoming celebrations or events that are particularly important to you? When?

4. Ambiance

The company that owns the medical spa and how it brands itself will have a significant impact, similar to that of traditional spas, on the ambiance and atmosphere of the facility.

For instance, some spas market themselves as a medical spa in the European setting, and others come with a theme based on a tropical island.

Some spas feature minimalist decor or a very Zen atmosphere, while others are decked out in luxury-brand furniture and accessories.

A medical spa is essentially a medical clinic that incorporates aspects of a traditional spa into the space, such as calming décor, relaxing music, comfortable furniture, and in some cases, refreshments.

In a posh spa, you get to indulge in luxurious treatments that are guaranteed to give you results that are both visible and satisfying. What else could you possibly want?

Go to a medical spa if you want to receive treatments in which you will be able to see the difference between before and after just one session.

5. Amenities

Traditional spas typically come equipped with luxuries such as saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, saltwater pools, and showers; medical spas, however, do not.

It is essential to remember that traditional spas are primarily geared toward relaxation, while medical spas are primarily geared toward producing results for their clients.

In addition, there are no locker rooms available at medical spas.

Patients can change their clothes in treatment rooms, but because there are not typically any locker rooms, it is recommended that patients leave their jewelry and other valuables at home.

6. Med Spa Outfit

Depending on their services, patients or customers at med spas are typically given robes and slippers to wear during their stay.

For instance, if you are going in for a pre-surgical consultation, you will likely be asked to change into the clinic gown, just like the ones that are provided to you at the doctor’s office. If you do not bring your own gown, you will be asked to purchase one there.

You will not be required to change clothes in any way if you are going to be receiving injectables or fillers.

The physicians who are administering the treatment will ask you to expose more or less skin, depending on the area of your face or body that needs to be treated, as appropriate.

7. Healthcare Provider

In most cases, medical spas will staff their facilities with at least one nurse, one aesthetician, and one physician. However,  this can differ depending on the med spa and the treatments that are available there.

Who administers treatment to you will be determined by the type of treatment you will get. If you are going to get a facial, a chemical peel, or any other kind of light therapy, then you will be treated by an aesthetician.

Only qualified medical professionals can administer fillers and injectables at Med Spa Lakeland. A nurse should be sufficient if you will get laser treatment or get vitamin infusion therapies.

8. Maintenance and Follow-up

Because of the intensity of the products and services offered at medical spas, clients and patients are strongly encouraged to comply with at-home care recommendations when receiving treatment there.

The customers are informed that this is something they should anticipate. Patients are also urged to continue with their prescribed maintenance and follow-up appointments.

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