Fashion World: SENTALER Luxury Coats

Fashion World: SENTALER Luxury Coats
Fashion World: SENTALER Luxury Coats #fashion #fashionworld #style #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Bojana Sentaler established the famous luxury fashion company, SENTALER, in 2009. Sentaler created the brand as a way of showcasing her passion for fashion. A variety of celebrities around the world have helped to make the SENTALER brand famous. Two English Duchesses, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, often wear this brand. Now, the brand is out with a new line of SENTALER luxury coats and they live up to the quality customers expect from the brand.

Alpaca Fibers

The SENTALER brand is also famous for its use of alpaca fibers in their coats. Alpaca fiber is harvested by gently sheering the alpaca. This does not harm the alpacas. This wool is softer, warmer, and more luxurious than traditional cotton or sheep’s wool. This wool is also great for people who have sensitive skin or who may be allergic to sheep’s wool, as alpaca wool is hypoallergenic.

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A Variety of Colors

Many Sentaler designs feature bright colors, but the new SENTALER luxury coats in this collection, designed for the Fall/Winter 2019 fashion season, focuses on neutral colors instead. The majority of this fashion line use the colors tan, nude, black, white, various shades of gray, and light pink.


Coat Styles

The New Neutrals Collection features several coat styles. One of the most impressive designs of the season are the wrap coats. These coats come in a few options: with or without hoods, fur-lined, with pockets, and in the colors hazelnut, taupe, caramel, and light taupe. All of these coats have the signature SETALER ribbed cuff, a tie-waist belt, and are all form-fitting and sleek.

The hooded coat option perhaps allows for the most options for customizing the way you wear your coat. The hoods can either be worn as usual or as a popper crowl neck or simple draped scarf. Shoppers can also pick a coat with a fur hood to add extra flair and extravagance to their look.

Adding fur to the coat makes it even cozier. The fur not only adds extra insulation but also extra style. These coats are made cruelty-free. So, you don’t need to feel guilty about wearing fur. However, if you’re with a crowd who doesn’t like fur, you can simply remove the fur with ease and reattach it later.

SENTALER luxury coats

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the SENTALER New Neutrals Collection is perfect for anyone who is looking to heat up their wardrobe in the cold fall and winter months. This stylish collection uses the best alpaca wool to create fashionable, warm, and soft coats that go well with any fall or winter look.


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