Securing a Real Estate License in California

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind
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Choosing to go into the real estate field can be an excellent decision for a number of different reasons, but most prominently because of the fact that a career in real estate is whatever you make it. Oftentimes, a person’s success in this field is a direct result of the effort they put into building their real estate business, whether that be as an agent, broker, property manager, or something else.

In truth, the measure of success based on effort starts all the way back when a person is beginning to apply for their real estate license. Learning how the process works and the various tips and tricks a person can use to study and obtain their license can help anyone get started in this field. 

Requirements for Obtaining a Real Estate License in California

Obtaining a real estate license in the state of California is about more than simply signing up for a real estate crash course that tells you everything you need to know about the field. There are a number of basic requirements all applicants for a license must meet, including:

  • The applicant must be 18 years or older 
  • You must be a California resident or meet special qualifications for out-of-state applicants
  • You cannot lie during the course of your application
  •  You must have successfully completed three college-level courses including:
    • Real Estate Principles, and
    • Real Estate Practice, and
    • One course from an approved list of 12 additional course offerings

Provided you meet all of the above criteria and have passed the courses outlined above, each of which having its own specific test, you will be eligible to apply for a real estate license.

Real Estate License Application Process 

After completing all of the above courses, there are a few steps you must follow to complete the real estate license application in California:

  • Gather all necessary documentation that shows completion of the above courses and proof you meet the criteria
  • Create a user profile on the eLicensing online system and select the application you are applying for
  • Select the salesperson, broker, or applicable exam application from the dropdown list
  • Complete the application by answering all questions and submitting all documentation
  • Pay the application fee
  • Check your portal to see when your assigned exam date is

With all of the above completed, you will have finished your application for a California real estate license. Out-of-state applicants will also need to submit a notarized and irrevocable Consent to Service of Process form. 

Tips for Securing Your Real Estate License

With the application process complete and an exam date officially assigned, the big day will be soon on the horizon. To that end, learning how to ace the real estate exam can give a person the confidence they need to tackle the test. Use the following tips to improve your chances of passing the exam: 

1. Create an effective study schedule

The standard salesperson real estate license exam is three hours in length and 150 multiple choice questions, with the broker exam being even longer at four hours and 200 multiple choice questions. Given the size of these exams, you need to break you studying out effectively to absorb all the necessary information for the test. Study in increments before giving yourself a chance to rest before moving on to the next topic.  

2. Form a study group 

For those who work better with others, consider forming a study group so that you can answer each other’s questions and discuss pertinent topics with one another. Even if you would prefer to study by yourself, it’s best to join a group to have people who understand the topics. 

3. Get plenty of rest 

When the night before your big test comes, trust that you’ve done enough studying. Get at least eight hours of sleep at a minimum to ensure your brain is well-rested and ready to tackle the exam. 

4. Use state exam prep tests

Test preps are helpful as they will give you the same exact amount of time that you would have on the actual exam, helping you to become comfortable with the time crunch. Additionally, mock exams also expose you to potential exam questions you may see. Take these tests whenever possible.

Pass your real estate license test today

With real estate showing no sign of slowing down as a field in the near future, entering the field can be an excellent choice for people of all ages. As mentioned, however, you need to be dedicated to building your business without the help of others. If this fact doesn’t deter you, then consider looking into pursuing a real estate license. 

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