Secret to Shopping for a Comfortable Bra

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When most women go bra shopping, they automatically think that it will be a negative experience. It can be embarrassing, time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately result in a bra that neither gives a nice shape nor is comfortable. Comfort has become a priority for intimate apparel and a slew of new styles and fabrics are available that combine the best of fit, function, fashion, and comfort.

There are a few ways to make the experience of bra shopping a more positive one. Kimmay Caldwell, an Undergarment Educator and Self-Love coach who is the Owner of Hurray Media, says that there are a few keys to a great fit. “Though it seems counterintuitive, a snug band is the most important part of a comfortable fit. People think of loose for comfort with clothes, but a loose bra is painful. It rides up, falls off, and digs in. No thanks! A snug band that gives a gentle hug will anchor in place, keep straps from slipping, and above digging underwires in the front. It will also keep the bra in place and prevent chaffing or rubbing.”

Caldwell also says that “Nearly everyone I’ve fit (and it’s been thousands) wears a band too big as above, and a cup that is too small. The entire bust should fit into the cup, especially if it has an underwire. The wire is too often digging into the side or gaping away from the body. Ideally, it should tack (rest firmly) against the front of the body so the bra can stay in place, and the bust can fit comfortably inside. There are other elements to a good fit, but these are the most common.” She also recommends that “In addition to fit, soft fabrics against the skin and flexible cups are ideal for comfort.”

Some of the biggest gains in comfort are in the wire-free category, which has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry. Dora Lau, founder, and CEO of Dora L International, a global sourcing and design company, shares that as women are now working on a hybrid schedule, when they work from home they are instinctively drawn to items that bring comfort. “Technology has been a major driver of this trend and innovation has helped women of all sizes to find wire-free styles that offer support and comfort and look pretty too.”

If you’re curvy, pay attention to the cut of the fabrication and cut of the bra says curvy influencer, certified body positivity expert, and Sr Brand Manager of Shapermint, Gabrielle Richards. When selecting a comfortable bra, fabrication and the cut of the bra are key. Depending on the occasion, if you’re looking for all-day comfort, opt for a bra that has a blend of nylon and spandex that will help to give stretch and flexibility. Shapermint’s Daily Comfort bra comes equipped with built-in molded cups which help with support, lift, and all-day comfort. Because the cups are built-in, you don’t have to worry about the cups shifting while wearing or when you wash them.”

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