Scooter Accident: 4 Things You Should Do

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A scooter is actually a two-wheeled motorcycle that has an electric engine. A number of the latest models are designed to look like small motorcycles and can reach up to speeds of around 55 miles per hour, faster than allowed on most bike paths and trails for safety reasons. They also have similar safety issues as motorcycles: lack of protection in crashes and no seat belts!

Scooters may be cute and seem like they’d be safer or easier to ride than motorcycles but if you’re considering riding one then it’s very important that you understand the risks involved in riding this sort of vehicle. Here are four things you should do after being involved in a scooter accident.

Seek Legal Assistance

Motorcycle accidents are highly susceptible to strategy and manipulation. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are protected.

If you live in L. A or close by, it’s best to hire a qualified Los Angeles lawyer to review the facts of your case, provide a thorough evaluation of your injuries, outline a plan to pursue damages against those responsible for causing you pain and suffering, and manage all communication with insurance companies or other attorneys on your behalf.

In addition, if you have been seriously injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you need an aggressive lawyer who can fight for maximum compensation. In fact, motorcycle accidents have one of the lowest settlements when compared with other types of personal injury cases. They may even take longer to settle. Seeking legal assistance is critical to ensure full compensation is secured.

Seek Medical Attention as Soon as Possible

Once you are stable following your accident, it is critical to seek medical attention for your injuries.  If you do not address your injuries immediately you may increase the severity of them and it can be more difficult to recover compensation for them. Given that motorcycle accidents typically involve higher impact, they are also more likely than most other accidents to cause traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or paralysis, dislocation fractures, closed head injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, and whiplash. Recovering these types of very serious but often hidden personal injuries typically necessitates medical intervention.

The law in California allows motorcycle riders who have purchased insurance coverage on their own policy the option of first resorting to their own medical payment coverage instead of traditional health insurance options following a motor vehicle accident. As a result of this legislation doctors working on a motorcycle accident patient’s medical care can determine that their patient needs immediate hospitalization and then be able to bill PIP. If the injured individual is uncooperative with treatment, this may become an issue. Your own insurance company must authorize any medical treatment for you for PIP benefits to applying. By comparison, if your injuries are not serious enough to warrant immediate attention or hospitalization, then proceed normally with health insurance. Even though the experience may be uncomfortable or inconvenient, medical records will later prove essential when supporting your claim.  Also consider purchasing any necessary medical equipment (wheelchair, crutches) to aid in your recovery process immediately following the scooter accident even if you do not yet have a firm diagnosis for what is causing you pain or discomfort.

Watch for Insurance Claims Scams

As far as opportunists go, motorcycle or scooter accident claims scammers are among the most dangerous. They can attempt to enter into quick settlements that provide you with little or no payment for your injuries. Do not trust them! There are too many variables involved in your case to accept any offer of settlement until all the facts have been thoroughly considered by an experienced attorney who will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your claim value based on his/her experience and expertise with cases like yours. By accepting generous amounts of money upfront, you could potentially sell yourself short down the road if it turns out later that more money is owed to you by those responsible for the accident.

Document Your Injuries

After the accident, you should document your injuries as soon as possible after they are sustained. If possible, photograph your injuries before you receive medical treatment. This will provide independent evidence of the extent of your injuries. Keep a journal or diary of how you feel each day, including any symptoms that may be getting worse over time. Any new symptoms should also be documented immediately along with the time it occurred and what triggered it (e.g., coughing brought on nausea). Keep copies of receipts for equipment purchases or modifications to aid in your recovery process (wheelchair, crutches), lost income from missed days at work following the accident, travel expenses related to recovering from your injuries, and medical expenses.

Even though you may be in pain, do your best to write down the details of your accident. The more specific information you provide, the better. Write down when and where the accident occurred along with the weather conditions at the time. Take note of who was involved in your accident (driver’s license numbers for all involved), what vehicles were involved if any; stop sign, traffic light color; take pictures of the damage or skid marks on the road that may align with accounts given by other witnesses. Additionally if possible take photographs of vehicle damage, scooter rider injuries and seek legal aid as soon as possible.

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