Rules of Homeowners Association About Hoisting Political Flags

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Political flags and banners are great ways for voters to support a political party or an individual candidate. Not everyone can attend political rallies or contribute to the campaign, so the flags serve as a medium for supporters to appreciate the candidate.

Election season is a competitive time and hectic for the candidates and the supporters. It is when all the people come together to discuss their political motives, beliefs, and agendas. As a voter, one must be conscious and gain as much knowledge as possible to make the best decision. It is essential to choose the right candidate for the office as they will represent your interests and work toward eliminating the problems of the common people.

So, you can place the flag on your balcony or in your yard to let the neighbors, friends, and family know about your political beliefs.

For instance, during the last election season, you must have noticed a ton of trump flags all around your neighborhood and the city. It is the best way to showcase to the world that they have the same ideology as the leaders.

However, there are certain rules and regulations about the hoisting of political flags and banners, which you must know before buying such flags.

So, here are some of the rules by the homeowner’s association regarding political flag hoisting.

  • Election season lasts for a long time, but you can only start putting the flags or banners in your yard only forty-five days before the election date. So, if the election is next year, you can not put up trump flags a year in advance.
  • Other than rules dictating when you can put up the banners or flags, there are rules on removing the flags. So, as per the rules by the homeowner’s association, the political flag must be removed one week after the elections.
  • You can not cover up your whole house with flags; as per the regulations, a household can only hoist one flag no matter what kind of a flag it is.
  • Besides, the flag must not create any disturbance or hamper the drivers’ visibility in any way. The flags that you hoist must neither be a hazard nor an obstruction.
  • As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep the flags within your property limits only.

When it comes to HOA, some of the associations require voluntary participation, while many gated societies have mandatory HOA participation. You have to be an HOA member in these societies and neighborhoods since it comes as a condition while buying the house.

But, what are the benefits of putting political flags?

Firstly, political flags will help you show your support for the candidate that will be representing your interests in the office. You will be able to showcase which political party or individual you support to the world. You can buy the flags with the candidate’s motto or the campaign’s tagline.

Secondly, it will help initiate healthy conversations. A democracy remains healthy when the people responsible for choosing the candidate engage in democratic conversations and discuss the problems and the solutions of the common people. A flag will serve as an ice breaker with your friends or family members. It will open up room for healthy conversations regarding the candidate’s promises, agendas, motives, political background, and beliefs. Such conversations will help people make a more informed decision, and they will be able to vote for the best candidate.

Lastly, it creates awareness regarding the various political issues the candidates stand for. The flag will let people know about the candidate and create awareness about their overall standing in the campaign environment.

So, these are some reasons why people hoist political flags and the rules you should follow.

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