Rising Hollywood Stars: Hallee Hirsh


Hallee Hirsh is one young Hollywood star that is working hard and solidifying herself as a true talent in the television and film industry.

Hallee seemed destined to be an actress from the start. She has her first stage role at age 3, was discovered by agents, and immediately began booking commercials first in Florida and, soon after, in New York. She landed dozens of national TV and radio spots for such companies as Disney Cruise Lines, Jiff, Tyco, Burger King, Kraft, Hardees, Kellogs, and a one-on-one with Bill Cosby for Jello. Soon after arriving in NYC when she was 4-years-old, she landed a recurring role on the ABC soap, “Loving” (1983). TV and feature films followed with several Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movies before she landed One True Thing (1998), portraying a young Renée Zellweger and working opposite Meryl Streep and William Hurt. Next up was Tom Hanks’s 8-year-old niece in You’ve Got Mail (1998). (Pictured Below)

What Did You Learn From Working With Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? “Well, Tom Hanks has the biggest heart and he’s so open…I think that’s why he’s so talented. And Meg Ryan, is just amazing. She can do the same line a hundred different ways, and still makes them so natural. I learned so much just from watching them. They’re both amazing”

Young Hallee
Young Hallee

By age 14, she had landed a major recurring role on “ER” (1994), portraying Mark Greene’s wayward daughter, Rachel for 5 years.

After “ER” (1994), she landed another major recurring role on “JAG” (1995), playing Harm’s ward, “Mattie Grace Johnson”. That was soon followed by a series regular role, playing “Daley” in the award-winning Discovery Kids, Flight 29 Down. Other noteworthy film roles during her teens included playing Kristen Stewart’s best friend, “Rachel” in Speak (2004), and a starring role opposite Richard Thomas, in Wild Hearts (2006) (TV), a Hallmark Movie Channel favorite. At age 19, she fought for and won the starring role in the independent feature, 16 to Life, garnering two best actress awards on the film festival circuit.

You can see her in the latest feature films, “Bad Behavior,” “Chance of Rain, and “Infiltrators.”

When asked what she thinks of Hollywood…This is what she said, “It’s what you make of it. I’ve learned that its groups of people that gets things done in Hollywood. You have to keep creative people around you so you are constantly moving forward in your craft. We need each other to keep the community alive and connected.”

Her Favorite Part of the Business? “Being on set! I love the hurry up and wait. It’s amazing how quickly little families are created on each project. Close relationships are built very quickly and in a short amount of time. It’s really lovely.”

Worst Part About Hollywood? “Letting someone else decide your fate… Waiting to hear if you got the part or not. That’s why if you can, make stuff.”

Hallee Hirsh studied Anthropology in college and has become deeply interested in perma-culture concepts where life has a natural order and if left to its own devices would perfectly interconnect with other species naturally to ensure its survival. She feels this same theory can be applied to success in Hollywood. It comes down to your network.

It’s clear Hallee Hirsh is a busy young Hollywood actress, and with her track record we won’t be surprised to see her rise to the top Hollywood ranks and be one of the most likeable actresses. Her talent and personality truly shines.

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