Retail Tech Is Reinventing The Shopping Experience In Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills has long been known for its luxurious retail shopping experience and high-end stores. However, the rise of retail tech and eCommerce is inspiring these stores to change how they operate, creating a more secure and convenient shopping experience for customers.

Keep reading to learn how retail tech is reinventing the shopping experience in Beverly Hills and how this technology benefits both stores and customers.

Cloud-Based Security Cameras

Cloud-based security cameras are quickly becoming the preferred retail store security management option. The increased adoption of cloud-based pan tilt zoom security cameras can be attributed to the following benefits:

  • Cloud-based video security systems offer wireless connectivity. This means security professionals can plan simple wiring infrastructure to connect security cameras across large spaces.
  • On-premise systems require storage space for servers and other equipment. Cloud-based security cameras, on the other hand, offer cloud-based storage for your security data, eliminating the need for storage space. 
  • Cloud-based video security promotes a more agile security response. It allows security professionals to check surveillance footage from anywhere using their mobile devices. This feature means that security responses can be immediate and more effective.
  • With cloud-based video security, retail stores can use open API integrations to create a futureproof and high-tech security system.

With the increase in violent crime and theft in Beverly Hills, retail stores need to employ security that helps their valued customers to feel safe when shopping in stores. See below to learn how security camera integrations can ensure airtight security for retail stores.

Video Analytics

Video analytics is a software integration for cloud-based video surveillance. The software tool is designed to automate video feed monitoring, ensuring that security professionals do not miss any critical incidents that could lead to a security breach. 

Security professionals have several responsibilities that make it impossible to keep an eye on surveillance footage at all times. Video analytics uses behavior and object recognition to spot weapons and suspicious activity on the premises. 

It can also recognize object disappearance to create alerts for theft. If someone is lingering in your store for too long, the tool can trigger an alert to prevent other customers from becoming perturbed. When the tool detects any of these scenarios, it will automatically start a warning to notify your security staff via their mobile devices. 

Your staff will always be alert to any crimes in the store. This tool is essential in ensuring that the rise in theft and crimes in Beverly Hills does not interfere with your long-standing customer relationships.

AI For Improved Store Layout

In Beverly Hills, customers enjoy a new and improved customer experience, with store layouts customized based on their browsing habits. By integrating AI tools with video security, retail businesses in Beverly Hills are gaining more insight into the customer experience. 

They can track browsing habits to gain insight into the products and displays that speak to their customers and the ones that don’t. Due to the rise of this technology, shoppers in Beverly Hills are enjoying more eye-catching and inspiring store layouts to find their new favorite products.

Hybrid Shopping Experiences

Due to the rising popularity of eCommerce and online shopping, retail stores need to think smarter when drawing customers to their in-store locations. This is why many Beverly Hills retail businesses are adopting hybrid shopping experiences. The examples below show what a hybrid shopping experience looks like:

  • Online shopping in-store collection – to access the products they love without wasting precious time browsing, customers order products online and visit the store in person. This way, they can try on and review their order in-store, allowing them to return the product more conveniently.
  • Curbside pick-up from retail stores – retail stores are now offering a drive-thru experience for customers, allowing them to avoid parking fees. The customer can park outside the store and wait for a retail worker to bring the products in their vehicle. This method makes same-day delivery possible and provides a faster, more convenient shopping experience for the customer.
  • Online shopping and in-store returns – many retail stores offer in-store returns for online products. Customers can quickly return the products they don’t want and pick a replacement without waiting for another delivery. By allowing customers to return products in-store, the retail business invites them to browse their curated displays, encouraging more sales.

By creating these hybrid shopping experiences, Beverly Hills retail stores are joining forces with eCommerce to improve the convenience of in-person shopping.

Contactless Shopping

Many Beverly Hills retail stores use a ‘just walk out’ payment method to allow their customers a contactless shopping experience. The customers simply collect the items they want, place them in their baskets, and walk out of the store. 

The store’s systems have their payment details registered and use AI to track the items the customer places in their basket. This payment method reduces the need for staff in stores, minimizes the potential for theft, and creates a faster shopping experience without queues. You can already see this shopping method in stores like Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh.


With the rise of eCommerce, retail stores need to revolutionize the in-store shopping experience. The technologies listed above are already changing the shopping experience in Beverly Hills. If you’re managing a retail store, consider the benefits of these retail tech and strategies for increasing foot traffic and sales.

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