Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon Watch

Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon Watch. $99K BUY NOW!!! #beverlyhills #watches #shop #jewelry #watch #bevhillsmag #bevelryhillsmagazine
Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon Watch. $99K BUY NOW!!! #beverlyhills #watches #shop #jewelry #watch #bevhillsmag #bevelryhillsmagazine

Crossing the Design of a Fine Automobile with a Luxury Watch

When it comes to cool and practical watch designs, Ralph Lauren reigns on top. Even a double tourbillon is no exception. Something that could easily become overly extravagant still remains cool and regal in the hands of the American designer. And that’s only the start of what makes the Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon such an epic watch. So stick with us today, as we’ll take a look at why this is the piece of jewelry you’ll want to sport on your wrist.


So let’s start with the first question on your mind: Why is it named automotive? As it turns out, Ralph Lauren had quite the collection of fine automobiles. And one of his favorites happened to be a 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe. As such, this watch takes full inspiration from a car exuding luxury and performance.

With that said, the first thing you’ll notice on this watch is that sophisticated wooden bezel. It looks simplistic, yet suave at the same time—just like the dash of that Type 57 SC. There’s something to really love about a luxury watch that can pull off such a refined look without going over the top in terms of sparkle and dazzle.

And then there’s the show stealer itself—the double tourbillon. A tourbillon is truly a masterpiece of clockwork in any watch. So how can you prove that you’re the top watchmaker out there? Try adding two tourbillons. That’s exactly what Ralph Lauren did with this piece of jewelry. And the end result is one of the sexiest watches on the market. Seriously, is there any other watch out there that displays such precision?

Next, you’ll undoubtedly spot that 45 mm black stainless steel case. Combined with that wooden bezel, it’s one of the sleekest watches out there, just waiting to sit atop any gentleman’s wrist. And to top this all off is a subtle sapphire resting above the dial. It’s really the perfect touch to finish off any fine watch.

Speaking of the dial, the matte black with Beige Super-LumiNova colors never looked better together. It’s a perfect contrast so that you can always see the time without any issues. Plus, that giant RL logo in the twelve spot completes an ultra-fine design to any luxury watch.

Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon Watch. $99K BUY NOW!!! #beverlyhills #watches #shop #jewelry #watch #bevhillsmag #bevelryhillsmagazine
Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon Watch. $99K BUY NOW!!!


Flip the watch over, and you’ll find the fine design only continues. With the RL Automotive Double Tourbillon, you’ll get an RL367 manual winding movement. It’s protected with Vertical Cotes de Geneve. And words can’t describe how suave and sleek those vertical stripes look. It’s an industrial and mechanical feel that you really can’t find anywhere else. This guide to luxury watch fashion will help you understand the true value of this element. And then there’s the glimpse of the visible gears, which only sweetens this package. The movement here is almost like popping the hood of a classic car—you get nothing short of refinement, power, and sophistication.

What’s the Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon Price?

The MSRP of this RL watch starts at $99,000. And with so many intricate pieces and details, it’s easily worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to fall in love with the Ralph Lauren Automotive Double Tourbillon. Just like the beautiful car that inspired it, you’ll find nothing but finest design. In fact, that alligator leather strap mixed with the wood and stainless steel touches never looked better. And when combined with two tourbillons, you really can’t go wrong here. This watch will fit any gentleman during any type of event. So if you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe, give this watch a close look.

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