Putting Together A Promotional Merchandise Campaign

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The utilisation and distribution of promotional merchandise is an advertising strategy which has established itself as the main component of many companies’ marketing campaigns today. If used correctly, then brand awareness can increase substantially, brand identity can strengthen significantly, your customer base can widen extensively and thus your revenue will also rise rapidly. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of careful planning, forethought, research and patience to ensure that this is the case.

First and foremost, you need to identify your desired customer base. In other words, ask yourself who is most likely to buy your products or use the service that you provide. This is crucial because it has a determining factor on the promotional merchandise chosen as well as where the items will be distributed. For example, if you are selling women’s clothing then you are not going to benefit from giving out branded pint tankards at football games. However, promotional product advertising can work for any business, it is just about figuring out what sort of products are going to be right for you. For example, if you are looking for cafe branding ideas, a reusable promotional coffee cup is a good idea. This is something we have seen plenty of major brands make the most of!

When it comes to determining what sort of promotional merchandise you are going to utilise you will be faced with a lot of different choices. These range in price dramatically. For instance, printed paper clips can cost as little as 15 cents, however, something such as an MP4 player could cost anything from $40 to over $100. Therefore, it is essential that you define a budget before you begin to search for different products. Once you have deciphered how much money you can set aside for this advertising campaign, you can then do different calculations in order to determine how many of product ‘x’ you would be able to get, how many of product ‘y’ you’d be able to buy etc. in order to decipher which would be the most feasible option.

It usually tends to be the case that; if you are advertising to a vast range of different people in order to simply get the word out about your business, then you would go for the cheaper option. Alternatively, if you are sending your promotional merchandise to a select few individuals and companies then you would go for something more expensive and more impressive. 

You need to give a lot of thought and contemplation to the items you are going to run with. A lot of people merely opt for office stationery because it is the obvious choice. There is no denying that it can be effective; after all, people use pens every single day. Nevertheless, if you were to stray away from the obvious and go for something innovative and rather unheard of, you would create more of a lasting impression. After all, the choice of promotional products available is vast; there is anything from rugby balls to fleece blankets to Rubik’s cubes.

Finally, you need to think about where these products are going to be distributed. First and foremost, you need to select somewhere whereby the people there are likely to want to buy your products or use your service. Moreover, you also need to distribute your merchandise somewhere where it is likely to get utilised. For instance, personalised dog food bowls are going to get you nowhere in an accountancy firm.

All in all, if you use this guide then you should have the basic knowledge required in order to start integrating promotional merchandise into your marketing campaign. One type of promotional product that works incredibly well across all industries is that of promotional clothing, so we will take a look at that in further depth in the next section.

All you need to know about using promotional clothing to market your business

There are lots of different marketing methods that businesses can choose to utilise today. Nevertheless, one option which has become highly popular is the utilisation of promotional clothing. There is a whole host of benefits that are associated with getting your staff members to wear clothing which advertises your company. This section of the post will reveal what those benefits are whilst also providing some tips regarding the best ways to effectively utilise promotional clothing.

First and foremost, the scope for advertising potential is quite simply huge when it comes to promotional garments. Think of how many people your employees will pass whilst they travel to and from work as well as when they are on their lunch break. Every person that they come into contact with will see their promotional t-shirt for example, and thus the impact that this advertising method can have is rather substantial.

A tip when it comes to using clothing garments for advertising purposes is to really think about what is going to make an impression. T-shirts tend to be the best option to use because these are usually the most visible garments of clothing. Nevertheless, you could choose to be more innovative and original, such as; a jacket, scarves, jeans etc. After all, people are used to seeing individuals in promotional t-shirts so it is to be expected, however, they probably wouldn’t expect someone to be in a promotional pair of jeans.

In addition to this, you also need to think about the colours and the styles of promotional clothing that you buy. Bright colours tend to be the most effective as they are the most eye-catching. Furthermore, every time you buy a new batch of clothing you should switch up the style and the colours utilised. Someone may have seen your staff wearing a bright blue t-shirt with neon yellow writing yesterday, if they saw the same t-shirt the next day it wouldn’t catch their attention because they have already seen it. Nevertheless, if they wear a different t-shirt, such as black one with lime green writing, then it is likely to gain fresh attention all over again. 

One of the reasons why a lot of people deter from using promotional clothing is because they assume that it is going to be very expensive. However, this is not the case. Thanks to the boom in online shopping, you can search around and find some great bargains. You can find t-shirts for less than $5.00 if you use the internet effectively.

In addition to this, further reasons why promotional garments are so effective are because they look more professional, they raise team spirit and they strengthen brand identity. These are all qualities which are highly desirable and advantageous in any workplace, particularly the strengthening of your brand awareness and image.

To conclude, the benefits of getting your staff to wear promotional clothing are there for all to see; it’s a cost-effective advertising method, it strengthens brand image and awareness, it has the potential to reach an unlimited number of people, it can raise staff morale and it makes your business look more professional. Therefore, you should utilise the information given regarding colours utilised and items chosen in order to ensure your clothing based marketing campaign is a success.

So there you have it: an insight into some of the different things you need to consider when it comes to putting together a promotional merchandise campaign. We hope that this has given you some ideas and inspiration for your own venture. 

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