Pros and Cons of A Digital Business

Pros and Cons of A Digital Business
Pros and Cons of A Digital Business

It’s common for present businesses to try and adapt to the online marketplace by hosting one hundred percent of their support, products, and services online. This is for good reason, as it enables a more flowing user experience when it comes to solicitation or submitting queries. Providing the company has a site that demonstrates excellent web design, such as advanced SEO and a user-friendly design. An online business offers a cheap and free-flowing way to promote themselves, give sponsorship, and handle said queries.

However, there are both pro’s and con’s to the digital absorption of common business practice. The following pros and cons are listed here to help any burgeoning startup business owner make the decision as to how far to incorporate modern trends into what they do.

Cloud Storage

Pro: Cloud Storage has enabled businesses to host many important files that can reduce the cost of conventional storage and supply methods. You are able to access the files anywhere including on the move. You can allocate files to those with the correct ‘permissions’ to see them, helping

Con: Cloud Storage is solely dependent on the maintenance of a server your business does not run. If they are hacked, having connectivity issues, or are simply incompatible with the systems you’ve chosen to use, you’re in trouble. Be sure to have solid IT Support to help prevent these sort of problems.

Customer Feedback

Pro: Social media profiles allow customer reviews, customer support tickets through messaging services and the ability to publicly respond to criticisms.

Con: Thanks to the ubiquitous and universal appeal of these websites, you can be sure that people will leave reviews despite never using your service or product. Weeding out the incorrect information can take time and patience.

Persistent Social Media Profiles

Pro: Having a public, persistent social media profile or campaign can help you target your demographic directly, as well as provide a great place for them to contact you. Instead of promoting yourself on a costly billboard or television ad, you might be able to directly target your audience. You can do this through advertising  social media sites to drive traffic.

Con: If you’re not careful, it’s easy to fall into traps that go viral quickly. If one of your staff accidentally posts a response to a critique that isn’t worded delicately. Expect your post to be shared and the notoriety to accumulate.

Live Chats

Pro: Instead of having a dedicated support team to man your telephones, moving to a live chat can help you manage support tickets effectively. You don’t need to train telephone manner or have multiple departments set up for multiple issues.

Con: If your live chat support goes down, you have little interaction with your support tickets. Having this as the sole way for a customer to contact you might be difficult to locate for a customer who isn’t tech-savvy.

Overall, moving onto a fully digital platform for your startup is a great way to streamline your operations. It’s now possible to run a startup without ever meeting your co-founder. Making use of this might revolutionize the way you see your possibilities. Of course, you need to be aware of the potential downsides.


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