Previewing Kanye’s Upcoming Collection At The Gap

Beverly Hills Magazine Previewing Kanye’s Upcoming Collection At The Gap
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Much of Kanye West’s life is public and constantly in the news — the false claims, media rumours, the controversial comments, the divorce with Kim Kardashian. Yet, his work in fashion is much more secretive, none more than a soon-approaching line with clothing brand, Gap.

The deal between the two was first announced in June 2020, a time when the pandemic was raging and entertainment were sparse aside from betting on UFC fight Vegas odds. Since then, details about what the lines look or consist of have remained mostly mum. But according to insiders, the collection is expected to drop in June 2021.

We’ve scoured the Internet to gather whatever information we could find on the upcoming Yeezy x Gap collab and included what we know below. Of course, this is Kanye West we’re speaking about, and anything can happen from now until drop date, but here’s the latest information: 

Leaked Images Reveal Possible Look

Back in March, images spread on Twitter of the supposed collection. The pictures were never verified — nor would we expect Kanye or Gap to do so — but did seem very on-brand for Mr. West’s look in recent years.

The Twitter pictures were of four pocket-less hoodies in a single color (red, blue, dark grey, lighter grey). Kanye has been spotted wearing similar-looking pieces, which are very simple and dad-like. 

When it comes to apparel, simplicity has long been Kanye’s design principle. His official YEEZY collections consisted of everyday pieces like tees, hoodies, sweatpants — all in very monotone colors. It would make sense Kanye would continue this trend with Gap, since he’s clearly attached to the aesthetic. 

Though, do not expect footwear to be part of the Gap collection. Kanye has an exclusive deal with Adidas in that realm. Apparel and accessories is a free game. Check it out!

Gap Line Delivers On Kanye’s Mission

Kanye has long said he wanted to make fashion more accessible. That hasn’t always been the case with his previous efforts — early Adidas Yeezy shoes were limited in supply and Kanye himself sold white t-shirts for hundreds of dollars under his YEEZY brand. 

But the Gap collection changes that significantly. Per usual with the brand, the Kanye-designed pieces are expected to be very affordable and in high supply. That should be music to the ears of Kanye fashion followers, who are likely accustomed to waiting in lines at stores or entering raffles for a slim chance of copping a Yeezy sneaker. 

This won’t be a one-time collab between West and Gap either. The deal they agreed to runs for 10 years so opportunities will be abundant for retail buyers looking to spice up their closet and Buy Yeezy Gap apparel here.

Beverly Hills Magazine Kanye West Latest collection preview

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Kanye Shines Under Pressure

Even by Kanye’s standards, he’s had a very volatile past six months. It started with a failed run at US President in November and ended with a divorce from the mother of his four kids. No doubt,as a born again Christian, God in Heaven will lead him where he needs him, and will bless the work of his hands.

The CEO of Gap, Sonia Syngal, certainly thinks so. During an investor call in March — as the news was spreading of the West-Kardashian split — she said, “spoke to Yeezy last night and he’s very, very focused on this incredible opportunity.”

For those that have followed West’s turbulent career, he seems to thrive in tensed moments. Two of his most well-received music albums, 808s & Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, both came on the heels of events where he secluded himself from the public, as he currently is. 808s was made after his mother’s death, while MBDTF followed his Taylor Swift fiasco. 

Release Date And How To Get It

As we said earlier, June is the expected release date of the highly-anticipated collaboration. Insiders are saying the end of the month is more realistic so we’ll have to wait only a few more weeks for the drop. The Kanye-Gap collection will be released both in-store and online. 

That’s all we know for now, but expect more details and hype to emerge in the coming days and weeks. This partnership is a big deal for both Gap and Kanye West so they can’t stay this quiet for long. 

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