Popular Make-Up Trends to Expect This Year

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Now that we are already in 2022, have you identified the tweaks you will add to your makeup routine this year? Though we rarely change our beauty routines and products, each year comes with fashion trends that make some styles more acceptable.

While last year was more about perfecting the makeup at home skills we learned in 2020, masks have taught us that we need a base makeup that will last.

So, what should we expect this year? Read on to learn more about the makeup trends to expect this year.

Increase in Socially Responsible Beauty Products

Like last year, we will want to experiment with sustainable and all-inclusive beauty products. Many beauty products are taking social responsibility seriously, increasing cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products.

In addition, more people are using vegan makeup that is made from plant-based raw materials. By switching to vegan beauty products, you get a better alternative from products without animal-derived ingredients.

The Continuation of Y2K

Y2K dominated 2021, which will continue in 2022, thanks to nostalgia. Glitter is one of the trends that have been coming and going over the past few decades, and since there are plenty of shadow sticks and palettes in the market, we will see more glitter in 2022.

Lined Lips

Lined lips is another fashion trend that is making a comeback after almost two decades. However, we don’t want to overline them this time. The use of neutral lipstick and a coordinating liner provides an appearance of fuller lips without looking overdone.

The secret to having a perfect look is starting with your lipstick and adding a liner that is a shade darker than your lip’s color. Applying lipstick first enables you to see where your lips touch each other. A lip liner can help you perfect the shape.

Double-Winged Liner

The reversed cat-eye replaced the regular cat-eye last year, and we are spicing it up in 2022 with a double-liner look. The style has already been tried by celebs like Yara Shahidi, Doja Cat and Dua Lipa, so it is definitely the new trend to try this year.

Though eyeliner has been in use for years, doubling the graphic lines is a more recent trend that provides a more significant impact and encourages the use of multiple colors, unlike the one shade liber we have been seeing in the past. A combination of blue and green or white will offer a colorfully coordinate finish.

Statement Blush

Everyone loved the blush as a makeup routine last year, and we are all learning to experiment with different shades for a more custom look in 2022.

In addition to applying the blush on the apple cheeks and across the nose, people have started using it to the high points of the face, like the area above the cheekbone, for a better-sculpted finish. This new use will also encourage adding blush at the end of the makeup routine for contouring. Contouring carves the jawline while adding warmth to the cheekbones.

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