Popular Celebrity Fashion Trends

Popular Celebrity fashion Trends
Popular Celebrity fashion Trends

Celebrity fashion trends play a huge part in what you find on the high street. Kylie Jenner will wear something, for example, and the next thing you know 9/10 people on the street are wearing the same thing. It’s quite comical in a way, how celebrities can have such an influence on us civilians! Not everybody wants to look like the celebrities; there are some who prefer to be trendsetters in their own right. But if you want to see which celeb trends have been most popular this year, read on. (Image Credit)

Metallic Clothing

Metallic clothing can be a bit scary to wear, especially for civilians like me and you. It isn’t the most flattering of finishes, depending on what material and style you’re wearing. However, it can look very ‘glam rock’ fashion, perfect for a party or night out! Stars like Emma Stone have loved this this year, and it’s been all over the fashion runways.

Nude Ball Gowns

Whenever an important event has taken place, nude ball gowns have been all over the red carpet. People like Jennifer Aniston, Kimmy K, and Rihanna wore full length nude gowns designed to make a statement. It wasn’t all nude gowns; some were bright, some furry and yellow (Rihanna again). But of course you’ll wnating  matching nude high heels to go with your look. We love these slim strapped nude high heels that lend a delicate feel to the classic leather Stuart Weitzman shoe style pictured below.

Simply stunning Stuart Weitzman nude high heels!

Jewel Toned Items

Jewel toned items suit most skin tones, which is why they’ve been so popular with celebs. Hues like emerald green and ruby red have been well and truly taken advantage of for events everywhere. Cobalt blue is a statement color that lots of celebrities have been wearing, and it’s a brilliant alternative to red. It’s such a fashion statement color!

AMAZING Floral Print Dress! <3

70s Patterns

It’s no secret that the 70s is back in a big way this year. 70s patterns are everywhere; florals especially like this stunning long sleeve floral dress pictured here.. Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, and even the Kardashians have been embracing some weird and wonderful 70s patterns. They say all trends come back around eventually!

70s Shapes

You can’t have 70s patterns without having 70s shapes, can you? 70s shapes include flares, bell sleeves, off the shoulder numbers, and more. This kind of thing is perfect for an upcoming festival! 70s shapes go with all kinds of fashion and style accessories too; leather wallets, bags, and of course suede!

Retro Tailoring

More and more celeb women are embracing retro tailoring. Rather than wearing a pretty dress, they’re choosing to embrace the masculine look in suits. Anna Kendrick looked awesome when she rocked hers! We love all the unique celebrity style on the red carpets.


You can thank stars like Rihanna and Beyonce for this army trend. It just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! Even Kylie Jenner has the camo look going on. It’s the perfect trend for tomboys. Wear army style jackets, pants, hats…you name it, it works! Just don’t wear it all together, or you’ll look like you’re trying to become invisible or something.

What do you think of the most popular celeb fashion trends of 2015? Have you tried any of them, or will you try any of them? Leave your thoughts below. See you back here soon!

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