Playing the Guitar Is an Exciting Skill – Here’s How to Get Started

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Playing the guitar is one of the most enjoyable and exciting skills in the world. Guitars can be creative, expressive, and transcend genres. They are, without doubt, one of the most flexible and interesting instruments in the entire world. You can literally carry a guitar around the world with you if you want to!

If you’ve never played guitar, and you already see the appeal, you must be eager to get started. Luckily, there are so many resources, people, and helpful tips that will help you get into the world of guitar, electric or acoustic. Below you’ll find some of these helpful tips, so if you’re looking to get into guitar playing, read on for everything you need to know.

Learn the Basics Online

If you know you’re interested in playing guitar, there’s a really easy place to start: online. There are so many fantastic resources for online lessons, technical tips, interesting stories, and far more; all of which can help you develop your skills. For example, you can learn guitar and bass at, alongside reading reviews of other online courses, equipment, and guitar teachers. In this day and age, you can pretty much teach yourself any skill you want simply by researching it online, and guitar is no different. Considering much of the online content is free, why not give it a shot?

Delve Deeper With Lessons

Though online learning is an amazing way to start your journey, there’s definitely still something to be said for personal lessons. Again, these could be online or in-person, depending on your preference. Either way, an expert guitar player and teacher will be able to spot any mistakes you’re making, improve your technique, and help you develop as a player.

Most guitar teachers are expert musicians with experience in years of touring bands and professional studio work, so they’ll know how to get your skill to its best possible level. Search your local area for guitar teachers and don’t be afraid! Everyone starts somewhere! Guitar teachers are more than used to working with beginners.

Buy Your First Guitar

If you’re committing to this guitar thing, you’ll need your own ax! There are some excellent entry-level guitars for beginners who don’t have tons of money. These guitars are great because they’re perfect for practice and playing at home, while they don’t break the bank. Take a look at beginner guitars in your local guitar store.

Acoustic and electric guitars both come in beginner models. However, if you’re purchasing an electric model, you’ll also want to grab a bedroom amp and some cables. This way, you’ll be able to hear what you’re playing much more clearly. Plus, you can play along and practice some of your favorite songs.

Find Your Style

As mentioned, guitar playing can transcend genres. While Spanish acoustic finger-picking is a long way from The Strokes’ rocking riffs, there are a lot of transferable skills between the two. These guitar players are simply experts at their craft, meaning they’re able to play any style amazingly. But, they didn’t necessarily start by playing the exact style of music you hear from them today.

When you get started, you’ll probably have a genre you love already; Rock, Pop, Jazz, or some other favorite music. Definitely learn some songs and skills from that genre, but don’t neglect the others. Learning skills across the board will only make you a stronger player. As you pick up traits from certain playing styles, you’ll find what you’re best at and what you enjoy the most.

Jam or Join a Band

There’s nothing better for developing your skills than playing music. Sure, practicing your lessons at home or playing along to songs is great, and you’ll get better that way. But, it can only take you so far.

Instead, finding a group to jam with or write music with will push you much further. You’ll be free to try things outside the box and watch how other people play. This way, you’ll learn so much more than you would by simply rehearsing at home. Plus, what’s more fun than playing music with friends? Isn’t that exactly why you wanted to pick up the guitar in the first place?

So, getting started with the guitar is actually a lot easier – and probably less expensive – than you might think! Get researching online and find yourself some of the amazing free resources available to you there. After that, play with friends or get lessons to truly hone your skills. Before you know it, you’ll be a guitar expert!

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