Planning To Drive Around Dubai? Know These 6 Things

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Dubai is one of the most unique places on earth. So special, in fact, that it has become an incredible attraction for people around the world. However, if you plan on driving in Dubai, there are certain things you need to know. Here are some essential things you should know before you drive around Dubai.

Why Visit Dubai?

Dubai is known for its luxury brands and hotels, but it also offers plenty of other attractions to make it a must-visit destination. The old town of Deira is a great place to see traditional architecture, while the desert safari at Al Ain Oasis Resort can be an exciting experience. Dubai is also home to some incredible shopping malls such as the Mall of Emirates, which has hundreds of stores and luxury boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci. With its modern-day infrastructure and natural beauty, Dubai offers much more than just a vacation spot for a TEFL graduate. It is a place where people can live in luxury or even work remotely and have access to some of the best healthcare services in the world. Although there is a lot of room for foreigners when it comes to home comforts, you should know that the country is strictly regulated when it comes to work and play. The country’s traffic regulations reflect this, and if you ought to drive around Dubai, you should know a few things before getting behind the wheel.

Always Follow The Rules

While Dubai can be a destination of luxury and opulence, most are not above the law. You should always carry your driving license and official documentation like passports and insurance. Moreover, if you are planning on renting a car, you should ensure it is from a registered company. Furthermore, according to UAE Driving, as a tourist, you will be required to have several documents on hand before they will allow you to rent. These include:

  • Country of origin driving license
  • International driving permit
  • Visit Visa
  • Copy of passport

Seat Belts

As in most countries, drivers and passengers both need to wear a seatbelt, and children under 12 years old should be seated on a suitable booster seat. Driving in the UAE is no different in this regard, and if you are caught not wearing one, you can receive a fine of up to 400 AED (around $108). Therefore, you should buckle up on every outing.

Speed Limit

Speed restrictions vary greatly, although, in built-up areas, they average roughly 30mph, 50mph in the desert, and 75mph on highways. In built-up areas and the highway, these are strictly enforced.

Mobile Phone

You are not permitted to use a phone while driving. Although you can speak using a hands-free set, if you are caught holding your phone while driving, you will be subject to an 800 AED fine or around $217.

Always Have Insurance

Whether renting or driving your own car, you will need at least third-party insurance to cover costs if you are involved in an accident. However, it is advised to upgrade to the highest level so that you are completely covered and don’t lose out. You should also be aware that the police might not turn up for minor accidents, and you will have to deal with it yourself.

Fuel Prices In Dubai

As an oil-rich state, there is plenty of fuel to go around! However, don’t expect to be paying highly subsidized rates because the market was deregulated years ago. Nevertheless, you will find it highly affordable depending on where you are from. As of March 2022, gasoline prices are just over $3 per gallon, making it substantially cheaper than the USA and almost all European nations.

Understand The Dangers On The Road

Being a desert nation, Dubai has a unique set of road hazards. Aside from other motorists (they drive faster than you might be used to), you will have to contend with sandstorms and heavy rain (depending on the season). However, the government of Dubai has invested heavily in its road system and currently has some of the highest-quality roads worldwide. Apart from the natural hazards, you will have to plan your trip well as the rush hour can be particularly nasty!

Know The Minimum Age To Drive

Dubai’s driving age is 18, but most rental companies will require you to be at least 21 (sometimes even 23) years of age for renting a car. You will also need an international driving license to drive legally.

They Have A Toll System

Considering that Dubai is such a young city with world-class infrastructure and highways, it should come as no surprise that there are regular road tolls. However, Dubai has a digital tollway network, so every time you pass through a toll, your Salik tag from your windscreen will be used to charge you automatically.

Dubai offers an abundance of things to do, so whether you are single, a family, or a group, you will enjoy your experience here. Nonetheless, if you plan to drive around Dubai, make sure you follow the points outlined here.

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