Planning To Buy Jewelry? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Jewelry serves many purposes, may it be for vanity, as a symbol, or even as an object with priceless value. Therefore finding the best kind of jewelry to buy isn’t as easy as it seems. Deciding on a piece of jewelry, may it be a ring, bracelet, a pair of earrings, etc., should undergo a thorough process. 

Jewelry can be bought at any store at any place and any time. It may be in a local town, a busy urban city, or even islands.  Even when you are looking for something more specific, it can be as easy as searching for diamond shops in St. Thomas

But it is important to remember that the right piece can make any occasion special. With the holiday season coming near, it is without a doubt the busiest time of the year to buy jewelry. Your selection of jewelry says a great deal about you and the receiver of the gift. 

Know What You Want 

If you are buying jewelry for yourself, you should first know what you are looking for. Do you want something simple or avant-garde? Classy and elegant? It all depends on your preferences, because you will be the one wearing them. 

When you select a piece of jewelry, it’s a given that you will want to look good in them whether you plan to wear them everyday or for occasional use. That’s why it’s important to understand your likes and dislikes. 

Always Consider the Budget

Jewelry has a small variety of prices. As such, you most likely understand how important it is to stay within your financial budget when you want to make an investment in a fine piece of jewelry. 

Having a specific piece in mind would help you decide. With that, you’d have a goal to reach a certain amount of money to buy it. 

If ever you are on a tight budget, consider buying jewelry that does not contain gemstones of any kind, as these contribute greatly to the overall price of the piece. 

Inquire for Warranties, Insurance, and Service Plans

Before you make an investment in a jewelry piece, always make it a point to inquire with the jeweler whether the piece you are set on comes with warranties or service plans. 

Warranties should include services such as annual clearing and regular inspection to ensure that your jewelry is in good condition and is in no need of repairs, may it be resizing, retipping, and/or rhodium plating, wherein all costs are covered. 

Getting your jewelry insured is also crucial. Considering the huge sum of money spent on a piece, the possibility of you encountering accidents with your jewelry could cause devastating outcomes. 

General Knowledge You Should Know When Purchasing Jewelry

Considering you’ve already settled on a fine jewelry piece, there are some things you should check first before finally purchasing it from the shop. 

1. Jeweler’s Expertise

When you buy something, it is essential that the person who is selling it to you possesses extensive expertise in the subject matter. 

In order to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction, they need to have appropriate credentials such as an official and credible education, appropriate training, and years of relevant experience.

2. Maker’s Mark

If an item bears the maker’s mark, it can be considered authentic and sold without question. 

This is a stamp that certifies that the piece of jewelry was produced by a particular manufacturing company, and as such, it is the piece of evidence that proves the authenticity of the jewelry.

3. Quality Stamp

There should always be a quality stamp on every piece of jewelry because this identifies the type of metal that was used as well as the fineness that was used to craft the item. This stamp of quality should always be present.

In the majority of instances, stamps of this kind are typically positioned in an inconspicuous part of the piece of jewelry, such as the interior of the ring.

4. Examine Gems

Check the gems to see if any of them are loose. This indicates that the gem is not firmly attached to the mounting and that it may become dislodged. 

Additionally, check for any stones that have been damaged. Inquire to be able to examine the item through a jeweler’s loupe, and be on the lookout for chips. 

5. Check for Metal Scratches

Always examine the jewelry before you buy for any signs of scratches on the metal to ensure that it is of high quality. Any finish on the metal can show signs of damage regardless if it is shiny, textured, or matte. 

6. Always Read the Paperwork

Do not forget to study the details enlisted regarding the warranty or the return policy and make sure that you understand them. 

When you read the fine print, you’ll most likely learn about the annual cleaning services that the majority of the jewelry stores provide for their customers, as well as regular inspection of the piece for damage and other issues. 

7. Consider Getting Appraisals

If you ever plan on buying an antique item or something of incredibly high value, you should first consider getting an appraisal. You’ll need these for the purposes of acquiring insurance for your piece. 

An appraisal would tell you the replacement value of the item you purchased, and if at some point in time, something happened to it, this would leave you with some peace of mind. 

8. Ask Questions

Never be afraid to seek clarification or ask any question. These help you become more knowledgeable and gain information about the jewelry you want to buy, which will guide you in the long run if you ever plan to purchase another piece in the future. 

Avoid This!

As you are now more informed about the things you can and should do when purchasing jewelry, you should also know about the things that are not recommended to be done in order to prevent issues from occurring if ever the situation arises. 

1. Never Guess the Sizes

If you are planning to buy a bracelet or a ring, you should never guess the size. Although it is possible to resize these pieces, it is much simpler to find out a person’s size, even if you are planning to give it as a surprise gift. 

2. Do Not Depend On What The Jeweler Says

It is a given that they are exponentially much more knowledgeable in this field. It is still important for you to allot time to educate yourself, especially if you plan on purchasing a piece of high value. 

Final Words

As a consumer, you are responsible for your choices. And therefore, you should be well aware of the technicalities and the process you will undergo as you plan to purchase your piece. 

Gather information and educate yourself. To buy jewelry is a great investment, and depending on your budget, it may cost a lot. That is why it is important that you know how to choose a piece of high quality while also not making a big hole in your pocket. 

Always consider what you want. You would want something that would fit your style and your preferences. Be prepared and discover your choices and remember to enjoy yourself. 


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