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Piaget is a high fashion and precious jewelry line. Founded in 1874 by Georges Édouard Piaget, a watchmaker and jeweler. The brand, since then, has produced emblematic pieces that inspire awe. In addition, every collection shines with such outstanding style of the fruition of diamonds. Some have cleaner and more structural patterns. While others are seductively festive and opulent. It’s pieces are sure to produce such intricate craftsmanship and aesthetics. When you say Piaget, you mean crème of the crop of high-end jewelry. Let us now take a look at 5 gorgeous and timeless pieces we handpicked for you.


The first high fashion and luxurious watch is this exceptional 29mm white gold diamond cuff watch. It features a case in 18K white gold set with 162 brilliant-cut diamonds, a snow-paved dial set with 141 brilliant-cut diamonds and its bracelet is an 18K white gold set with 1008 brilliant-cut diamonds. Furthermore, it has a warranty of up to 8 years. This watch is definitely not for the ordinary. I can imagine a big Hollywood Star wearing this with her long gown for the Oscars. I can also see this as a piece that is worn for a special and unforgettable moment like a wedding. For sure it is a grand occasion, if you wear this piece.


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The next eye catching masterpiece of a watch we present to you is this creative white gold diamond Sapphire watch. It features a case and bracelet in 18K white gold set with 91 brilliant-cut diamonds, 83 marquise-cut sapphires and a snow paved-dial set with 190 brilliant-cut diamonds. Furthermore, it has a warranty up to 8 years. The way this watch was crafted, uses decadent gem-setting techniques to create a diamond-paved dial with snow-setting that shines and glitters with each movement of the wrist. In addition to that, the shape exudes such elegance. I can imagine this watch paired with a royal blue gown on top of white gloves for a formal event. You also wont regret it when you give this as a gift for your wife!


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The third piece if high end jewelry we bring to you is this ethereal Rose gold diamond ring. This possession ring is 8K rose gold, set with 37 brilliant-cut diamonds. Furthermore, it features 2 bands which are inseparably linked, turning around each other in perpetual motion, a row of diamonds that traces a path to eternity. Obviously this is the perfect wedding or engagement ring to give to your significant other. Moreover, it will be an heirloom for future generations. This ring is truly significant and unforgettable.


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The forth intricately crafted piece we have is this feminine Rose gold Sapphire diamond ring. This Piaget Sunlight ring in 18K rose gold is set with 17 pink brilliant-cut Sapphire diamonds. Surrounded by a delicate triangle motif of rays of light, this rose gold ring embodies the inimitable light of a warm and powerful sunset. Furthermore, wearing this piece will sure boost your energy and divine feminine energy. For such a sophisticated piece, one can still wear this for casual events such as lunch or dinner with a friend, or even at the office. It can also be paired with a satin lilac dress for a formal event such as prom or a cocktail. The possibilities are endless with this one.


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The fifth and last piece we feature is this dreamy Rose gold Turquoise diamond pendant. This possession pendant features 18K rose gold set with 20 brilliant cut diamonds. Furthermore, a turquoise carbochon surrounds it and there are two ways of wearing it. Flip it to reveal a gold center that you can have a name engraved. Additionally, you can etch this rose gold pendant with your special note, symbol or date for the significant other. This piece will surely bring you luck, joy and playfulness.

All these pieces, and any PIAGET piece for that matter, is an heirloom. Each is a masterpiece like no other and wearing one is wearing art that will make you stand out. For tips on buying jewelry from Piaget or any jewelry store for that matter, click here.

Visit the new Boutique located at 465 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 or call the store directly at (424) 332-4280

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