Perfect Places to Put Gemstones at Home

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Did you know that gemstones are very powerful? Some people use them to keep evil at bay? We, as humans, have always been astonished by gems because of two things: their beauty and power. Scientific research and evidence back up their benefits despite superstitions. There is also the belief in feng shui, as we call it, where it includes an approach to living that entails placing furniture and arranging space in one’s workplace to balance the energy of the surroundings. 

People gravitate to them because of their brilliant hues, sparkling brilliance, mysterious qualities, and feng shui traditions. If you’re not one of them, consider checking out the benefits of purple gemstones. You might change your mind and find yourself standing in front of a store, getting one to try for yourself! But, before you go and buy one, you need to figure out where you’re going to put it. Of course, we don’t want to attract negative energy, do we? 

I’ve prepared a list of the best placement for your gemstones so you can receive the best energy. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is perfect for your bedroom. This can help to create a nurturing and secure environment. Rose quartz is thought to symbolize love, romance, and marriage. As a result, your bedroom should be facing south-west. In that direction, place rough, natural, or raw pieces. Two rose quartz gemstones are recommended for relationship stabilization. Two rose quartz can attract happy energy and relationship growth.

Black Tourmaline 

Black tourmaline is an excellent choice for your front door. This is because black tourmaline protects against negative energy such as geopathic stress or anything else that emits energy due to geological faults. For added protection, place gemstones in each of the room’s four corners. Because black tourmaline has anti-nightmare properties, it can help you sleep better.


If you want to manifest abundance, you should place a citrine in the south corner of your office. Because the south corner is also your wealth corner, this gemstone is ideal for placing there. Citrine is a stone of abundance, positivity, and joy. Citrine can also be placed in the center of a medicine cabinet or a cabinet containing beauty products. This can assist you in bringing positivity and radiance into your life.


If you have a meditation area in your home, this is the best location. Amethyst is a healing stone that promotes relaxation and intuition. So, if you like to meditate, this is the best gemstone to use. Amethyst can help you achieve whatever goal you set for yourself. You can achieve your desired tranquil state by meditating with an Amethyst stone. 

Placing gemstones throughout your home provides numerous benefits, including improved mental clarity, increased calmness, and protection from negative energy. 

However, displaying your gems isn’t always the best idea. Some stones must be handled with care, while you must keep others away from light, water, and negative influences. Instead of bringing positivity, the incorrect placement may bring negativity. As a result, make it a point only to bring positivity into your home!

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