Perfect Gifts For The Woman In Your Life

Perfect Gifts For The Woman In Your Life: #bevhillsmag #giftguide #papinelle #shortandsuite #forwoman
Perfect Gifts For The Woman In Your Life: #bevhillsmag #giftguide #papinelle #shortandsuite #forwoman

We are at the end of the year and it is paramount to appreciate those who got you through the year especially the women in your life: your wife, mother, fiancee, girlfriend, sister, and daughter. They are the source of your joy and you love them so much.

How do you show appreciation to your woman? By giving her special gifts she will forever remember you by. On that note, go through our gift guide for you to make your choice.

Gem Lariat

This 14K gold fill adjustable necklace with a crystal light blue gem is one sure way to reinforce your love in your wife’s heart. She can wear it as a necklace or as a lariat, her choice. And you are absolutely going to love it on her neck.

Chunky Gem Choker

As you know we won’t include gifts that don’t break the beauty scale. This one is an absolute beauty to behold. Imagine it on your woman’s neck; enjoy the mesmerizing view and make your order.

Eternity Gem Ring

Apart from wedding or engagement rings, getting your woman a ring is a way to tell her you love her. Adding to her ring collection isn’t a bad idea. This magnificent eternity gem ring is a 14k gold plated brass decked in Swarovski stones. Buy it for your woman at just $50.

Super Soft Waffle V-Neck Long Sleeve Top

Do you have in mind to change what your wife, girlfriend, or daughter wears in the house or to bed? Then is the answer. This super-soft waffle top is very comfortable and lightweight. Perfect to lounge around or go to bed with.

Perfect Gifts For The Woman In Your Life Papinelle Long Sleeve Top Beverly Hills Magazine.#papinelle #giftguideforwomen#bevhillsmag

Super Soft Waffle Jogger

You’ve decided to go for the super-soft waffle top, complement it with this super soft waffle jogger. Your woman will love it because it’s the perfect choice you can make.

Super Soft Waffle Jogger Beverly Hills Magazine Gift Guide For woman #bevhillsmag #papinelle #joggers #giftguideforwomen

Pure Silk Slip Nightgown

Who doesn’t want his woman to wear something sexy to bed? Made from pure silk, the pure silk slip nightgown is one comfortable way to rock the night.

Pure Silk Slip Nightgown Papinelle Beverly Hills Magazine Gift Guide For Woman #bevhillsmag #papinelle #nightgown #puresilk

Feather Soft Nightgown

A cozy nightgown in gray stripes, completely comfortable and perfect for the night. The feather-soft nightgown is made from a lightweight brushed jersey and is accentuated with 30cm side splits. Get this comfortable nightwear for the woman in your life.

Feather Soft Nightgown Beverly Hills Magazine Perfect Gifts For The Woman In your life #bevhillsmag #nightgown #giftguide

Quann II

Do you want to go all the way special for your woman, tell her you bought her an eyewear only her and ninety-nine other women own? Buy this handmade limited-edition Italian eyewear for your woman and see how a big beautiful smile will be forever etched on her face.

Quann II Beverly Hills Magazine Perfect Gifts For the woman in your life #bevhillsmag #tigerseye #quannii #sunglass #bevhillsmag #giftguide

Hailey- Black & Suede Slippers

You will love this ‘Hailey’ closed-toe, open-back slipper with a leather and suede upper and genuine shearling lining and collar. It features a soft foam midsole and indoor-outdoor traction rubber outsole. Perfect for every season to keep her precious feet warm.

Hailey Leather & Suede Slippers #giftguides #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Laurence – Tres Noir

Still in the spirit of eyeglasses, get this best-selling sunglass for your woman for just $189 and watch her rock with elegance like the elegant woman she is.


Laurence - Tres Noir Sunglass Beverly Hills Magazine Gift Guide For woman #bevhillsmag #sunglass #giftguide

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