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Parisienne Et Alors: Dress Duris

About Parisienne Et Alors:

Parisienne Et Alors is a sustainable women’s French brand of dresses, tops, shorts, pants, chemises and more. Founded by Laury Thilleman, her vision for the brand being ethical and responsible. Furthermore, they support the French textile industry by reducing carbon footprints. Furthermore, the fabric which composes the pieces are organic. Parisienne Et Alors also work with certified factories that have a responsible approach, controlling the chemicals that go into the clothing. Lastly, the brand lines up with several good causes including WWF, “No More Plastic”, “Keep A Breast Foundation” and “Reforestaction”. Let us now look at 5 designs from this earth loving brand.

Dress Duris (Pictured Above):

The first dress we have here is this wild, funky and kick-ass dress Duris. Made with 100% viscouse and for one order, one tree planted, you will wanna buy this just not just for fashion, but for the environment too! It features a beautiful Olive green color and a panther print, a length of 135 cm, and a long skirt with front side slit. Moreover, it has a heart-shaped neckline, short and gathered sleeves and a side zip. We can imagine this dress paired with a Doc Marteens or a knee high-heeled boots for that super edgy look at the musical festival or arts event.

Hassard Dress:

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The second dress we feature to you is this sexy, bohemian black Hassard dress. Made of 100% recycled polyester and satin and 1 tree planted for every piece bought, you will just want to add this dress to your cart asap! It is 140 cm in length and has butterfly sleeves. Furthermore, it has a side slit and a sultry cut at the waist and a side zipper. We can imagine this dress paired with gladiator sandals or boots, and even flipflops depending which event you go to, as it is such a versatile and adaptable dress.

Arblade Dress:Parisienne Et Alors Womens Fashion Beverly Hills Magazine 3 #fashion #shop #style #dresses #Parisienne-et-alors #Paris #BeverlyHills #BevHillsMag #BeverlyHillsMagazine

The third dress we present to you is this fun, glitzy and colorful Arblade dress. Made of 100% polyester, and similarly, one tree is planted when you buy a piece, this is a guilt-free buy. It features a a short length, full lining and multicolor sequin straps. We can imagine such a cute dress paired with black stilettos or nude pumps for a house party or a girls night out cocktail event. Attending LGBT or disco themed parties are also fun with this multicolored dress.

Felicite Dress:

Parisienne Et Alors Womens Fashion Beverly Hills Magazine 4 #fashion #shop #style #dresses #Parisienne-et-alors #Paris #BeverlyHills #BevHillsMag #BeverlyHillsMagazine

The fourth dress we have here is this classic yet subtly sexy green Felicite dress. Made of 51% viscose, 27% polyester and 22% polyamide with one tree planted for one purchase, this definitely is sustainable and great buy! Moreover, its length is 130cm, and made of ribbed material, short sleeves and  halter top with ties. It also has a right leg slit and a backless feature. We can imagine this casual dress paired with sneakers for your brunch with the family. It can also be worn with black ballerina flats while shopping.

Malar Dress:

Parisienne Et Alors Womens Fashion Beverly Hills Magazine 5 #fashion #shop #style #dresses #Parisienne-et-alors #Paris #BeverlyHills #BevHillsMag #BeverlyHillsMagazine

The fifth and final dress we show you here is this girly, flirty and vintage-looking Malar dress. Made of 93% cotton and 7% polyester, this dress is super comfortable and still eco-friendly as it also features one tree planted per purchase. It features a fully button crochet design, and a length of 13o cm. We can imagine this dress paired with a fedora hat and brown suede ankle boots for a music festival. It can also be paired with heeled sandals for more romantic look.

There you have 5 amazing and gorgeous designs from Parisienne Et Alors. Saving the environment with tree planting and shopping have never looked so good. For more sustainable dresses click here.

Parisienne Et Alors Sustainable Womens Fashion Beverly Hills Magazine #fashion #shop #style #dresses #Parisienne-et-alors #Paris #BeverlyHills #BevHillsMag #BeverlyHillsMagazine

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