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Have you ever wanted to vacation in Los Angeles without needing to stay in some cramped and underwhelming hotel room? If so, it could be in your best interest to check out some of the home rentals available from Open Air Homes. This company provides rental houses of all designs and bedroom number. A whole family, couple, or friends can enjoy their stay in the city while having all of the comforts of home at their fingertips. (Image Credits: Open Air Homes)

Company Values

Open Air Homes has a couple of primary locations, one in Los Angeles, California, and the other in Palm Springs, Florida. Of course, no matter which location you choose to spend your time at, you will have a great experience! Open Air Homes has high standards of cleanliness, sustainability, and equal opportunity (for both renters and employees) that are upheld at each and every one of their homes.

One unique value that Open Air Homes endorses is having diversity within the community. Instead of having a cluster of homes that all look the same placed right next to each other, Open Air Homes spaces out their rentals throughout the city. Each of their homes have a unique look and blend in with the other homes in the neighborhood. This way, the rentals don’t disrupt the flow of the city. This also makes it easier for renters to feel at home, even if they’ve never been in the city before!

Even though Open Air Homes rent entire homes at once, the rental costs for each home are surprisingly affordable when compared to hotels suites of similar sizes and amenities. The rentals can be rented for days or weeks at a time. With so many houses of varying sizes around each city, there is likely to be a house that can fit for anyone’s family size and budget.


Available Rentals

Open Air Homes has over a dozen houses around California and Florida. Here, we’ll focus on the houses in and around the Los Angeles area. Of course, since there are so many homes, we’ll just focus on the best ones below.

The Marmont Estate is located in Venice Beach, California. This house is less of a home and more like a celebrity mansion! This large estate has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. What might be the most impressive part of this home is the large pool in the yard. This area is surrounded by native Californian trees, which helps to give visitors the privacy they deserve.

If you want something small and cozy for some time alone or with your significant other, then the Montcalm in Hollywood Hills might be more your style. This residence is reminiscent of an upscale bungalow. There is only one bedroom. The furniture has a natural and comfortable look for it. The best part of this venue is the view! From here you can see the city below! Of course, the pool shouldn’t be ignored either…

Finally, if you want to stay in Beverly Hills itself, then take the Nepenthe out for a spin. This two bedroom rental is filled with modern furniture but surrounded by natural beauty. If you like to spend time indoors, then you are sure to love the giant flat screen TV and comfortable leather sofas. If you prefer to be outdoors, then you’re in luck, there is a beautiful brick patio surrounding the house that makes for a great spot to lay back and relax.


Final Thoughts

If you are planning on staying in or around Los Angeles, then you may as well vacation in style! Staying at any one of the Open Air Homes is sure to be a luxurious and memorable experience. So, what are you waiting for? To make a reservation for any of the homes in this article, and the ones not included, just check out the Open Air Homes website!

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