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Oksana School of Music
Oksana School of Music

Having just joined the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, the Oksana School of Music is continuing to solidify its commitment towards the residents of Beverly Hills. As a part of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, it will be easier than ever before for the Oksana School of Music to actively cooperate with the area’s local businesses and organizations. With its emphasis on responsible and first-class service, the Oksana School of Music’s goals are fully complimentary of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce’s mission to serve this wonderful city through marketing, advocacy, and education.

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Recently awarded the 2013 Best of Beverly Hills Award for its exceptional and successful marketing efforts in the local community, it is an affirmation of the School’s dedication towards enhancing the lives of each and every client. One such example of its dedication towards augmenting the local community is the upcoming 2014 Oksana School of Music Grand Recital on May 31st to be held at the Beverly Hills City Hall. Sponsored by Aloe Life (www.aloelife.com), it’s an event that will showcase the musical talents of Beverly Hills’ own.

Oksana-School-of-Music-Beverly-Hills_Beverly-Hill-Magazine-Hollywood-Magazines-Beverly-Hills-News-3In wanting to find a way to strengthen the Oksana School of Music’s ties with the local community and to build upon its momentum, founder Oksana Kolesnikova feels that being granted a membership in this great organization has accomplished this goal wholeheartedly. Comprised of over 600 local businesses, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce’s well-organized and dedicated members have allowed it to continuously improve the local economy through its cooperation with city officials, local businesses, and the overall community. The Oksana School of Music couldn’t be more excited in wanting to add to the Chamber’s already-vast list of achievements.

Embracing its new opportunity, the Oksana School of Music is waiving its registration fee for every Chamber member, as well as for all residents of Beverly Hills. It’s the School’s way of showing its commitment to not only the community, but to the local businesses and members who are responsible for the area’s immense successes. Offering private guitar, violin, piano, and voice lessons to all local residents, its sister company, Beverly Hills Homework Tutors, also offers private language instructions (including in Spanish, Russian, and French) and private K-12 tutoring.

As an honored member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, the Oksana School of Music hopes to showcase firsthand why it’s worthy of its now-illustrious status!

To find out more information about the Oksana School of Music, please visit
www.oksanaschoolofmusic.com or call 323-284-7930.

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