Nipping Cellulite in the Bud

Nipping Cellulite in the Bud #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #boostskinradiance #cellulite #healthydiet
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Cellulite is an extremely common issue that affects up to 90% of all women who have been through puberty, and less than 10% of men. Often compared to cottage cheese or orange peel, it worsens as women start approaching menopause, owing to decreased estrogen levels. The average onset age for cellulite is between 25 and 35. As estrogen levels begin to drop, circulation is decreased and some areas obtain less oxygen and nutrition. Collagen (the basic building block of healthy skin) is also reduced and, as fat cells become larger, they start to protrude through collagen, lending skin a bumpy appearance. Up until recently, doctors were scratching their heads when it came to ending this problem. Although it cannot be permanently put to bed, there is one, FDA-approved treatment that lasts for three years.

One Small, Needle-Sized Device Does the Trick

Cellulite appears because fat cells push up against the skin, while the tough connective bands that connect the skin to the muscle beneath, pull the skin downwards. As such, dimples are created that cannot be eliminated through exercise or diet alone. The FDA-approved treatment works by using a tiny, needle-size device to break these tough bands that cause dimpling. The treatment has very little downtime and few side effects, with patients being able to work out again in one or two weeks. The results last for various years, though at around the three-year mark, a touch-up may be required.

Complementary Treatments at Home

Everyday approaches to ending cellulite can be a big help to more intensive treatments, especially if cellulite is light or moderate. Top approaches to try out include cellulite creams (containing a blend of exfoliants, antioxidants, and vasoconstrictor agents), dry brushing (which boosts circulation to targeted areas), and boosting your water intake. A healthy diet can also make a big difference to your skin health.

What is an Anti-Cellulite Diet?

To boost skin radiance and circulation, avoid foods that are rich in refined carbohydrates and processed foods. Embrace a Mediterranean-style diet, which comprises lean proteins, healthy Omega-3-rich fats, wild fatty fish like tuna and salmon, legumes, nuts, pulses, and fruits and vegetables. Reduce your salt intake, since sodium can cause fluid retention. Try to reduce your caffeine intake. This ingredient can affect your blood flow and stop oxygen and other nutrients from benefitting your skin tissue.
Cellulite can be eliminated for three years straight via microneedling. However, you can also target this issue at home, using effective means such as dry brushing (which boosts circulation). A healthy diet also plays an important role in strengthening skin and eliminating fluid retention.
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