Natalee Thai: A Taste of Thailand

Natalee Thai in Beverly Hills
Natalee Thai in Beverly Hills

It is quite the marvel to travel the globe and experience all the splendors various cultures have to offer, but in California, we are afforded the luxury to share in on that as people from all over the world come to our doorstep and bestow their exquisite cuisine. The pleasure of Natalee Thai one of the best restaurants in Beverly Hills is one such spot to relish and revere with its authentic traditional recipes, which have local residents and high profile celebrity coming back time and time again.

With its open atmosphere and great lighting, Natalee Thai is a cozy spot to hang out with friends or take that special someone on date night. The servers are attentive and possess a welcoming vibe to make that memorable dining experience. While they possess a good selection of imported and domestic beers and wines, even stock sake, their Thai iced tea is impeccable. It’s like starting off with dessert, but none of that guilt that comes with it.

Classic choices such as Natalee’s Chicken Salad and Natalee’s Rice are solid mainstream Asian cuisine. The chicken salad is refreshing with a light sesame-soy dressing and embellishes a palpable kick to the arrangement of fried wontons, sliced almonds, lettuce and mixed greens, while the crispy noodles add a great texture for the dish. The fried rice is standard, stir fried in a wok with chilies, peppers, and garlic.

Natalee Thai in Beverly Hills

The spicy fried rice does not come out overcooked, which to avoid drying out, would mean drowning the entrée in soy sauce and overwhelming the balance of the ingredients. A bit more of an acquired taste, but the curry fans will delight over the California Curry. The tender chicken can be cut with a fork. It’s a wonderful healthy selection for the heart to avoid excessive sodium without skipping flavor.

There are two contenders for my favorite entrées: the Thai BBQ Pork and Steamed Bass Filet. The Thai BBQ Pork is sliced in thin strips and its tender texture almost melts as the marinade makes the mouth water. If that’s not enough, it comes served with a spicy red crust chili dipping sauce on the side. The Steamed Bass Filet has a great after taste with hints of ginger. The greens served with it are steamed baby Bok choi which are surprisingly sweet and compliments the fish.

Natalee Thai in Beverly Hills

If you are feeling bad and the Thai tea is not enough, try the fried bananas for dessert. A whole banana is sliced, submerged in a sugary batter, deep-fried to a golden crisp, and sprinkled down with powder sugar like a winter break ski weekend.

In honor of the up-and-coming Chinese New Year, the Beverly Hills restaurant will be more than happy to accommodate and serve Chinese dishes for the celebratory occasion. Natalee Thai in Beverly Hills is a love place, where you’ll never know who you might see.

By Chris Wong

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