Muslin Blankets: How to Choose a Good Blanket

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It is important to take the type of fabric used into consideration when choosing blankets. The fabric of the item says a lot about its tactile feedback, which is very important. Users feel the touch of the fabric from time to time. Customers may tolerate or be accepting of a product’s horrible color or design if its quality and texture are top notch. But a scratchy product, like muslin blankets, that will only give you rashes is definitely not something people would tolerate.

There are many different types of clothes that a quilter, dressmaker, or seamstress can use when making blankets. Silk is excitingly smooth and pretty, whereas fluffy wool gives you a feeling of comfort. Velvet, on the other hand, is heavy and one. But one particular fabric type has made a career of its inexpensive price—muslin.

Muslin is a kind of loosely woven cotton fabric which originated from the Middle East, particularly in Dhaka, the capital of modern Bangladesh. However, Europeans first came across this fabric in another city, Mosul. Muslin was, in fact, named after that City. It was then brought over to Europe in the 17th century.

Advantages of Using Muslin

As a fabric, muslin is very good for hot climates because it is very breathable. But its popularity in temperate and cold climates does not lie in its observable features. This type of fabric is well-known due to its price. Before clothes or garments can be made, it has a prototype made in muslin. This greatly reduced production costs with more expensive types of fabrics like silk. While prototype test garments these days use cheaper synthetic fabrics, muslin still remains a popular choice.

Muslin was used to pad pillows and it was also used in making quilts as a way to transfer templates. This function is now replaced by paper or plastics.

But in addition to the role that it plays within the garments and related fields, muslin has also found its way into different areas of our day to day lives. For example, it is used in food making processes, such as filtering out impurities in wines. When it comes to juice making, muslin cloths are used to separate liquid from pulp or mush. Muslin cloth is also used in making cheese. After the milk has curdled, it is then poured into a bag made of muslin before it is squeezed and then cheese is made.

Muslin cloth is also used in the medical field. Doctors use a gauze pad made of muslin to bandage patients.

Muslin is also used by entertainment mediums, especially in theater to create different backdrops and effects. Video productions use paint the fabric blue or green to create blue and green screens, which are great for adding special effects.

Muslin is a highly versatile fabric that has found its way into so many aspects of our everyday life. It has found niches just about everywhere. It has proven itself quite popular in everything except for what it was originally created for—clothes.

But today we will discuss how muslin fabric is great as a material for blankets. Muslin blankets are known to help aid people having difficulty sleeping to sleep better. Blankets made from this type of fabric are not only light and comfortable, but they are also durable and affordable.

Investing in Muslin Blankets

One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new home is decorating. It’s a fun and exciting process that helps get your think tank working. It’s a chance for you to choose the right colors that go together with the furniture you have or the theme you want for your home. You also get to choose furniture pieces, beddings, and other household items that make your home look well put together. Of course, you don’t want to forget how important it is to consider your health and budgeting. In this article, we will discuss how you should choose blankets, especially muslin blankets, for your home.

Choosing A Blanket 101

Choosing the right blankets to buy for your bedroom can actually confusing, especially if you have an idea with what kind of material you want the blankets to be made of, or on the size of the bed/s you want to add it to. There are hundreds of online and offline stores selling all kinds of blankets from different brands. This can make choosing one a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. It can take you hours, even days, until you are satisfied with your choice.

Below are a couple of useful tips you can use when choosing a good blanket with regards to the materials being used and the different kinds of blanket size and uses.

  1. Fabric Content

The first thing on your criteria should be fabric content. This is going to make a huge impact on your choice of blankets, especially muslin blankets, so make sure you choose wisely, keeping our budget and personal preferences in mind. Fabrics are available in both natural and synthetic fibers, so you can decide which one is ideal and best for your home and your family.

Blankets made with natural fibers are known for their durability and breathability. Many people find these types of blankets to be comfortable to use, so if its comfortability and breathability you’re looking for, go for those that use natural fibers. Muslin blankets are an example of such.

On the other hand, blankets made with synthetic fibers, focus more on warmth and they cost a lot less compared to natural fibers. The only downside to this type of fiber is that they lack breathability and can be uncomfortable to use especially during hot seasons.

  1. Type of Construction or Weave

When you choose a blanket you also have to check out its type of construction or weave. This can affect the warmth and insulation the blanket provides you. There are two types of blankets based on weaving: conventional and thermal.

  • Conventional blanket –these are tightly woven to provide warmth and insulation for our bodies. They are made with synthetic or wool fibers, which is great for those who are sensitive to cold weather. If you’re the type of person that easily feels cold during the night and would want to get more warmth to sleep better, get this type of blanket.
  • Thermal –these blankets are usually woven loosely unlike conventional blankets. This type of weave means that they are breathable and allow air to circulate freely. These are great for people who do not need so much warmth during sleep. They are made with acrylic and cotton fibers.
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