Moving Valuables? Ensure Movers Wear White!

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Moving is stressful. You may be used to it, and there are plenty of suggestions out there for how to make moving less stressful. But sometimes people forget what it’s like when you’re moving – the panic, the frustration, the desperation, and inchoate rage of having all your stuff in mysterious locations within boxes stacked unpredictably everywhere.

Wherever you go, you’re surrounded by boxes — boxes of books, clothes, kitchen appliances, and artwork. No matter how far you’re actually moving, still involves the possibility of losing your items, damaging them in transit, and the hassle of carrying them. It’s backbreaking.

Moving is especially hard when you are bringing along expensive valuables, such as art and antiques, that just can’t be damaged. To make matters worse during this hectic period, you need to pay more attention to the quality of the mover you hire. Bad movers are known for showing up late, being careless, and damaging your valuables, and there is little recourse.

A frequent question that haunts everyone’s mind is whether they have hired a reliable moving company for their relocation needs. Plus, when you add on the expensive items you’re bringing along, the tensions are really high. There are hundreds of companies out there claiming they won’t damage your stuff, but getting the right one is not easy.

Many people who end up moving have a more difficult time than they expect, because the team of movers they hired damaged their property. This is extremely frustrating when you have valuable items. So if you’re planning to move, why not try the white-glove experience?

White-Glove Standard

No, it’s not a company. It’s a standard. Essentially, when a moving company calls itself “white glove,” it means they offer premium moving services. “Premium” is a bit of an understatement, though. White-glove companies go above and beyond to ensure your items are safely moved.

By definition, when someone uses “white-glove” as an adjective, they are referring to something given extraordinary care and attention. Think luxury, like a waiter at an expensive restaurant dressed in fine attire and not making eye contact.

When a moving company calls itself white-glove, you can certainly expect a pretty high price tag, but like everyone always says, you get what you pay for. And if you’re moving with precious art, antiques, collectibles, etc., you’re going to want to spend the extra cash to ensure the workers who move your items do so with care.

Some companies that offer white-glove service will do all the packing and unpacking for you, as well as put certain items in specific types of boxes and crates to ensure that no damage is done to them. “Custom wood crates are the safest way to transport fine art,” claims LA-based moving company OZ Moving.

The aforementioned white-glove moving service, Oz Moving, has moved some high-profile names around New York and Los Angeles. Their website claims that they’ve moved for big names like Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway, former Fox News host Juliet Huddy, and Kelli Giddish, who acted in “Law & Order SVU.”

That should give you an idea of who uses this type of moving service.

What Do White-Glove Services Come With?

In general, you can expect the company you chose to come with the highest quality services moving can buy. White-glove services will treat your items as if they were the Queen’s.

Expectations for white-glove services vary from company to company, but you can expect things you might not know existed with moving companies, like chandelier installation, trucks with padded walls and shock absorption, and blankets specifically designed for moving that protect antiques. Some companies even say they’ll assemble your home gym for you if you bring one along. Other companies offer to clean the house you just moved out of. There really is a wide range of services they may provide.

These are the kinds of services that go beyond any moving job you could do yourself. You really can’t replicate this type of attentive care. And let’s face it, when you have the money to own valuable objects, you likely have the money to keep them safe in transit.

Is It Really Worth the Money?

Well, if you move yourself or hire helpers who are not professionals, you will pay a very high price in damages to your property if you’re not careful. If you hire cheap labor, the movers may not do the best job. The result will be visible damage to your property. And if you attempt to fix the damage yourself, you’ll almost certainly cause new problems, especially when it comes to your valuables.

To be clear, if you have fine art in your home, you’ll want to hire a professional white-glove moving company. This is because companies that specialize in moving fine art can ensure your pieces won’t be damaged.

Having a company do all the work and heavy lifting for you certainly alleviates the mental strain of worry and the physical strain of packing and moving. Plus, there is the insurance benefit. If you sign a contract with a professional white-glove moving company and there’s an accident or your property is damaged, you’re not liable. The company will be held accountable.

But, these are very premium services. The price tag for a white-glove-style moving event can be double, if not triple, the cost of a regular moving company. Additionally, the process of moving with a white-glove service is slower than usual. White-glove employees take extra care to move your stuff and ensure it’s all packed professionally. This can mean a moving process that takes twice as long.

The Truth Is

Protecting your fine art and valuable antiques should be a priority, but the cost of hiring a service like this may belong only to a select few. If one has the money, they certainly won’t regret letting a white-glove service take away all the stress of relocating.

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