Most Popular Bathing Suit Fashion Trends

Most Popular Bathing Suit Fashion Trends
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Since it’s mid-September you may not necessarily be thinking about swimsuit trends, or are you? In many places it’s still in the 90s temperature-wise so there could still be plenty of excuses to find and wear the perfect swimsuit. You might also be planning for your tropical winter getaway or yearly holiday trip to Miami, in which case you could be browsing swimsuits as well. (Image Credit: Анастасия Гепп /Pixabay )

If so, what are the fashion trends right now to keep in mind when you’re shopping for suits?

White Bathing Suits

You may be nervous to wear a white bathing suit, but it can be a great look.

White bathing suits are classic and chic, and you can experiment with your beach or poolside accessories. For example, maybe you add a bold, patterned cover up with your white suit. They also show off your tan (or fake glow), and if you invest in a high-quality white bathing suit, it’s never really going to go out of style.

When you’re choosing a white suit, quality is incredibly important to avoid a see-through mishap, however, with thick fabric, this won’t be an issue.

The High-Cut Leg

The high-cut leg bathing suit trend started around a year ago, and it’s still going strong. If you check out Instagram and particularly model/influencers like Bella Hadid you’ll still see plenty of these suits.

A high-cut bathing suit features a high-cut leg which will elongate you and make your taller with longer legs. These suits can be found in both one- and two-piece options and they have a sporty, 80s look. You can go more subtle with a high-cut leg or very daring, but either way, it’s a great swim trend.

Most of the high-cut two-piece options also have a high waist to accommodate the cut of the leg, so then you’re pulling double-duty on the trends.

Animal Prints

Animal prints aren’t just trending in bathing suit designs—they’re everywhere, but one place you can embrace this trend is with your swimwear. Animal prints include options like cheetah and leopard, but also zebra, tiger, and snakeskin.

These are great because animal prints are almost like a sophisticated and unique neutral and you can wear a lot with this kind of swimwear pattern.

Underwire Tops

Give yourself a boost and stay on-trend if you opt for underwire tops on your suit. Again, you can find this in both one- and two-piece suits.

Underwire tops have a defined shape, and they are almost like a push-up bra that you can wear to the beach.

It’s somewhat of a trend making a resurgence from the 80s and 90s, much like the high-cut leg.

Wrap Ties

Maybe you’ve seen blouses and dresses with the front wrap-tie, and now we see a lot of that in swimsuits. Wrap-tie swimsuits are usually found on one-pieces, although you might see it on the top of a bikini or a high-waisted two-piece bottom. The one-piece wrap suit feels feminine and very classic.

There are different ways to do the wrap tie swimsuit trend. There are thin wrap ties that are a dainty detail, or you can go with a thicker wrap tie on a low-cut suit for that old Hollywood glam style.


Classic strip prints are a big trend now. Sometimes you’ll see color-blocked stripes, or thin stripes. There are horizontal and vertical stripes that are hot swim trends right now, although if you want the illusion of being taller and a bit thinner, you might opt for the vertical stripes.

Sustainable Bathing Suit

Sustainability is a big trend in fashion in general and not just swimwear. This isn’t about a particular look but is instead about choosing swimwear and other fashion items that are sustainably and ethically produced.

Many swim labels are launching pieces that are entirely sustainably produced, and they might use Oeko Text Standard 100 fabrications.

Double-Duty Swimwear

Double-duty swimwear is popular because it’s going to offer versatility and it will also serve as resort wear.

An example is one-piece suits that are designed to be worn under shorts or a skirt as if they were a bodysuit. This can also work with two-piece tops if you’re willing to bare your midriff.

Finally, sun protection is also something a lot of swimwear producers and fashion-lovers are embracing. For example, suits that have long-sleeves or are designed like rash guards can keep you protected from the sun and looking stylish at the same time.

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