Men’s Watch: Patek Philippe 5101G

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ATEK PHILIPPE 10 Day Tourbillion Blue Dial Alligator Leather Men's Watch BUY NOW!!! #fashion #style #shop #styles #watches #manwatch #watch #watchesofinstagram #cool #timepiece #styleformen #manstyle #styles #shopping #clothes #clothing #guystuff #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Patek Philippe is no stranger to crafting watches for the modern gentleman. In fact, you could even say it’s the go-to brand if you’re looking for a dapper timepiece. And if you’re looking for a unique and regal touch to your man watch, then you can’t go wrong with the Patek Philippe 5101G. Just look at this fine timepiece and there’s no doubt you’ll instantly want it! So let’s take a closer look at everything this luxury watch has to offer!

Dapper Designs

Everything about this watch sets a suave and regal tone! Starting from the outside, you’ll get a large 18-carat white gold case. And it frames this men’s watch in quite the sophisticated manner! So there’s no doubt that this piece alone will draw in some lookers!

Moving to the inside of that case, you’ll find an urbane blue dial. And honestly, those silver Arabic numerals and hands couldn’t do a better job of complementing the blue coloring! The color scheme alone creates some suave vibes with this fine timepiece!

Also inside the dial is one of the sleekest 10-day power indicators you’ll ever find on a watch! And just below that is a tourbillon-powered seconds subdial. Overall, these pieces ensure that you’re wearing a watch that’s fit for any occasion. Nothing here feels too flashy or extravagant—which is exactly what you want when you’re going for that gentlemen’s look.

And to finish off a fantastic design, you’ll get a blue alligator strap to wrap around your wrist. And much like the dial, the blue here strongly compliments the white gold case.

PATEK PHILIPPE 10 Day Tourbillion Blue Dial Alligator Leather Men's Watch BUY NOW!!! #fashion #style #shop #styles #watches #manwatch #watch #watchesofinstagram #cool #timepiece #styleformen #manstyle #styles #shopping #clothes #clothing #guystuff #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

The Power of a Patek Philippe Calibre 28-20

Resting inside this fine men’s watch sits a Patek Philippe Calibre 28-20 movement. And with 28 jewels and 192 reserves, it does a stellar job of keeping this watch powered! In fact, watch that second-subdial and you’ll notice no staggering or missed ticks!

As far as design goes, this is definitely one of the best-looking movements out there! The Patek Philippe logo and golden-colored accents provide the movement with a sleek design to match the outside of the timepiece! So all around, you’re getting some fine designs here!

Buy a Watch: What’s the Patek Philippe 5101G Price?

If you shop watches, then you’ve probably seen this fine gentleman’s timepiece for its MSRP of $367,400. But if you look hard enough online, you can easily find it with for around $349,400. And for a design this suave, it’s definitely a great price to pay to add this timepiece to your collection!

Wrapping Up

Overall, it’s no surprise that Patek Philippe designed one of the best watches for men out there! Seriously, the 5101G offers everything you could ever want for a dapper look. Cool blues blend perfectly with silver tones to create that subtle regal feel you’ll want from your finest watches! So if you’re looking for the ultimate gentlemen’s timepiece, don’t hesitate to pick up this watch for your collection!

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