Makeup Essentials for Spring This Year

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Spring 2022 makeup trends are already taking over – giving us something to anticipate when the weather warms up again. Although it might be chilly outside, the spring fashion trends are already hot. There has been an explosion of Y2K trends in the last three months, embellished eyelids, glittery accessories, and glossy lips. As spring approaches and the best beauty products become available, you can expect to see even more of that in the coming months.

Freckles and Sun-Kissed Skin

The old days of people trying their hardest to cover up their freckles have gone. Natural beauty is bigger than it has ever been before, and sun-kissed skin showing those beautiful freckles is being seen more and more. A gentle bronze glow can be seen by lots of people, along with the addition of a few extra freckles that may not always have been there. For that summer glow, try one of the amazing bronzing creams available.

Contour and Lift Blush

Draped brushes are a classic of the 80s, applying the look all the way up to the temples. You want to drape color through your cheekbones, temples, and cheeks to frame your face, giving yourself a noticeable lift. No matter if you choose cream or liquid blush, begin light and start to build with layers, ensuring that you blend blend blend!

Monochromatic Mood

If you’re someone on the move and don’t want a look that’s too time-consuming, opt for your favorite colors and use them across your cheeks, lips, and eyes. Soft terracotta, peach, pink, coral, and sheer reds are all spring essentials never going out of style for the season. The Three Love Lip Cheek and Eye stick is a great example offering a beautifully low-maintenance look that rivals something that could be a lot more effort. These products are easy to apply to deliver just bitten lips and a lovely flushed complexion with just a rub of your finger.

The Wonders of Expression

The last few years have left many people feeling like they haven’t been able to express their true selves, which is why we expect to see lots of unconventional exploration through self-experimentation. Individual expression isn’t about achieving perfection, it’s about showing off with vibrant colors, asymmetrical designs, and thinking outside the box. What was once a fashion faux pas has become a staple in the makeup game, like scribbling liner further than before and allowing eyeshadow colors to float over the usual spaces.

The Subtle Look

Fresh and clear skin with a more natural look is becoming more and more accepted. Natural beauty has always been beautiful, but we see it more than ever before. To ensure your look is always on point, keep your routine consistent, even if that only consists of moisturizer, lip balm, and sunscreen.

Gloss and Glitter

If you can find an excuse not to wear your mask, having juicy and plump lips is a must, and there’s nothing better to accompany your glossy lips than eye glitter. Eye-catching glitter and embellishments are this season’s must, especially with the release of Euphoria’s second season cementing the look. Apply milky or clear glosses with some face and body glitter to leave a look that will dazzle your friends.

Glossing Hair Serum

For those who want salon-ready hair every day, glossing serum is a great option to try. Even those whose hair falls on the oilier side can reap the rewards of this wonder serum. The soothing characteristic is non-greasy with glossy ingredients that help control frizz while adding protection from any external damages.

Skincare-Makeup Hybrid Products

Saving time and money can only be a good thing, and if you have makeup products that double up as skincare products, you are definitely onto a winner. From eyeliners with lash-enhancing peptides to sunscreen that offers tinted, hydrating, and skin-perfecting formulas, there isn’t a reason that you should continue to buy regular one-and-done products. Skin-care products are making their way into every makeup category. With this trend, you can enhance your look while also benefiting from the fantastic nourishing properties of these products.

Metallic Makeup

Metallics are going to hit this year’s makeup scene in a big way. Many great metallic products have been developed, offering you a look that has an authentic professional finish. Liquid eyeshadow, paired with chrome flakes, delivers a stunning look with a few taps and patience while you let it dry.

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