Main Causes of Birth Injuries

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Giving birth is an incredible experience that will make you feel a lot of conflicting emotions. You may fear the unknown part of the entire process, but you may also feel so excited at the thought of bringing a new life to your family. Watching a child that you’ll raise come into your world is an event that brings a lot of joy and makes all the trouble you’ve been through for many months worth it. 

Worrying about pain during the process is normal, as you’re going to be feeling a lot of it, even if this is something that will be different for every person. Waiting for your contractions can be a draining process, so it’s best that you rest as much as possible and try to relax. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself if complications arise during childbirth, it’s not your fault. There are various reasons why you or your child can end up facing problems, and if the negligence of a doctor has something to do with it, it’s even possible to sue for a birth injury.

Birth Defects

Before we even start talking about the situations that make it possible to determine if you have all the elements necessary for a medical malpractice claim, it’s important to clarify that birth defects are different and you won’t win a case if they’re involved. They form while a child is still in the womb and will typically develop during the first three months of pregnancy, so the doctors that assisted you during the process are not responsible. However, there are cases where some of these defects or diseases should have been picked up on early scans and allowed the parents time to cope and make decisions; if that wasn’t done, you may still have a malpractice case, but not for a “birth injury.”

Negligence and Inadequate Care

An infant can be hurt by a doctor who did too much or not enough. An example of this is if your child presents an injury to his spinal cord, which can be damaged easily if a doctor pulls on the spine too hard during the process. This event cannot be reversed and your child may end up with a reduced sense of touch and in the worst-case scenario, his ability to move will be compromised. 

Treatment is available, but it can only prevent the condition from worsening. An example of negligence takes place when the doctors fail to check the oxygen levels or don’t see if jaundice is present in the infant. Failing to control blood loss is also a case of negligence, and it can cause infection and long-term issues for the mother, which may also end up suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being the victim of preventable mistakes.

Financial Costs Shouldn’t Be Your Responsibility

Several long-term health complications are enough to cause both physical and mental damage, and if the negligence shown during the birth process causes lifelong problems for you or your child, you’re going to be facing very costly medical expenses. 

You shouldn’t have to pay for something that wasn’t your fault, and you shouldn’t be worrying about the money needed to improve your child’s quality of life. Suing for a birth injury and getting in touch with an experienced lawyer will allow you to receive the compensation you deserve. He will examine your case and will allow you to seek justice, so you’ll be able to receive all the money necessary for your child. 

A lawyer will also include the pain and suffering you went through as part of your financial compensation. If you need to stay home because you need to take care of a child with a disability that was caused by a preventable mistake, you’ll also be compensated for your lost wages and earning potential

You shouldn’t try to face all of this by yourself, as a law firm will gladly help you put your life back on track. If you suspect that you or your child are suffering due to negligence or inadequate care, do not hesitate and contact a birth injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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