Mahrukh Akuly Jewelry: Colorful Jewels, Rings & More!

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Mahrukh Akuly Jewelry is a line of fine bracelets, necklaces, chokers, earrings and more, adorned by precious gemstones. Designed by none other than the young Akuly, a young entrepreneur, her designs are a hit among the young to the old. It even has a lot of press, being in Glamour, Vogue and Marie Claire magazines. Furthermore, all the products are lead-free! All silver jewelry will eventually tarnish over time. However, at Mahrukh Akuly Jewelry, the gold and/or rhodium vermeil keeps most of the jewelry looking brand new and shiny! In addition to that, only the finest quality of precious gemstones are in it. Plus, no other piece looks exactly the same. You will definitely have your own unique piece from the line. Let us now take a look at 5 gorgeous pieces from the line.


The very first glamorous piece we present here is this stunning multicolor gemstone necklace. Made of 925 silver with rhodium vermeil, you can be sure that through time, the necklace will not tarnish. Moreover, it features assorted zirconia multicolor stones encrusted with AAA grade zirconia. A sight to behold this very elegant necklace is! Picture it with any colored dress for a formal occasion paired with embellished stilettos. A definite must have for someone with a colorful and fun personality as well. Get this necklace for $135 only!


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The second lovely and chic piece we have here is this feminine pink Zirconia drops. Made of solid silver and encrusted with pave Zirconia stones, not only is it tarnish free and study, it looks beautiful as well. It features a Pink square Zirconia stone as its main attraction, which dangles from the encrusted hoops made of solid silver and smaller zirconia stones. I can imagine wearing this pair not just for formal occasions but for casual ones as well. Be it paired with a strapless silk white dress and baby pink pumps or with a black blouse and bell-bottom jeans and boots, this pair will put an extra zest to any ensemble. Get this pair for $70 only!


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The third simple yet sophisticated classic piece we feature to you here is this zirconia Tennis necklace set. It is made of zirconia gems. Furthermore, the set is of a necklace and short drop earrings of perfectly round shiny gems. This set is a perfect gift you can give to the women in your life. Additionally, one can wear this for both formal and casual events; it is that versatile! Any outfit, whether it be a colorful cocktail dress for that office after party or that blazer and trousers with ballerina flats you wore before that party for work, this set will absolutely rock it! Get this for $125 only!


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The forth beautiful and iconic piece of jewelry we show you here is this vintage looking Initial necklace Silver (The one in the bottom, top necklace is sold separately). Made of solid silver, and encrusted with pave Zirconia stones, not only is it tarnish free and study, it looks fabulous as well. Furthermore it features your Initial at the middle of the pendant. The details and intricacy on this piece is truly captivating. As seen above you may pair this necklace with a shorter length necklace at the top, or even wear it alone. It is also good for either formal or casual occasions. Not to mention, a beautiful, personalized gift for a loved one. Get this for $40 only!


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The fifth and final minimalist yet fun and cute piece we show you here is this Tennis gemstone chokers. Made of solid silver with rose gold or rhodium vermeil, you can be sure the sparkle of these chokers will last a long time! Furthermore it features delicate Emerald cut gemstone chokers which are also lab simulated. The choker measures 12 to 14 inches with a lobster clasp to close. These amazingly gorgeous chokers make any outfit took so edgy and cute. I can imagine wearing this casually with a white crop top and jeans and sandals to the mall or even with a black dress for a formal. This piece definitely adds some spice to your outfit of the day/night! Get yours for $60 only!

There you have 5 unique, minimalistic yet classic pieces from Mahrukh Akuly that are sure to give a lasting impression to whoever wears it. Not to mention, very easy on your wallet too! What are you waiting for and add to your cart now on their website! For more unique jewelry pieces we recently featured click here.

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