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Beverly Hills Magazine Luxury Yacht ISA 120

Luxury lovers don’t just have a stellar taste for elegance, aesthetics is what sits right at the centre of their luxury mindset. But, talking about aesthetics, yachts are a signature and the ISA 120 is a statement. Objectively, the ISA 120 yacht is the blend of a classy interior and a pleasing exterior. So, if you’re a lover of yachts and you’re looking for a luxury yacht that will check the boxes for you, ISA 120 is the right thing.

Actually, the exterior is the design brilliance of Andrea Vallicelli, and the interior is the priestly taste of Christino Gatto. Combined, they turned out the luxury that could be the choicest thing for you if you have a liking for yacht life.

In this article, I’ll tell and show you all of the interior and exterior finery of this huge and fast art piece breeding on water. Also, if it’s the price you wish to know, let’s dive right into the details about ISA 120- the Whispering Angel  luxury yacht.


For any yacht, speed and power counts high in the qualities it must possess. Incredibly, ISA 120 was built with an impressive attention to this. With a 3X MTU engine that delivers 3X 2.00HP, Whispering Angel sits in a pride of place in the yacht industry as one of the power rugged ones. Furthermore, the diesel engine boasts of a 24 litres fuel tank; so much for the power of a 2008-manufactured yacht.

Refitted in 2012, ISA 120 has cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 20 knots. Simply, it’s an awesome build of speed and power on luxury taste.

Beverly Hills Magazine Luxury Yacht ISA 120


ISA 120 luxury yacht has a fancy and inviting body build. The exterior’s most striking features are the sleek fiberglass hull body and the beautiful teak-built sundeck, from where the view overlooking the water is heavenly. Additionally, the sundeck offers the shade, the sun, and the fun, with the white and milk-themed seaters on the teak base.

Well, equally pleasing is the fiberglass hull material surrounding the 119’6’’ L.O.A (36.45m), with a beam span of 24’4’’ (7.4m) luxury.

Beverly Hills Magazine Luxury Yacht ISA 120

The Perfect Comfort Aura Interior

ISA 120’s interior designer had two purposes for the Whispering Angel: to meet and surpass industry expectation of interior finesse and at the same time having enough space. So, ISA 120 has a spacious interior that can sleep 10 guests in 5 staterooms. Also, it possesses a mater suite, 2 double cabins and two twin cabins. And 6 crew can be on board.

Beverly Hills Magazine Luxury Yacht ISA 120

Talking of the beauty in the interior, the dark-brown floor and walls call out a relaxation spirit and the lightning provides the feel. Really, the yacht was designed to be both corporate and casual.

Pricing Information

This white Whispering Angel with a deep V hull shape goes for $5,096,700 of your cash. Frankly, this is a piece for the price; considering the high-end beauty, the luxury check, and the fast motor yacht design and features, this price is great for a 14 knots cruising speed in Montenegro.

Final Take

Beautiful yachts create an unforgettable experience. ISA 120 is a beautiful yacht that you should definitely check out. And if you’re a true lover of art in luxury, you’d love it.

Beverly Hills Magazine Luxury Yacht ISA 120

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