Luxury Must Haves

Luxury Must Haves
Luxury Must Haves

All year long we seek and find the coolest new gidgets, gadgets and fashion must haves for men and women to enjoy whether in the comfort of your own home, or traveling the world far and wide. Here are just a few fabulous must have fall goods that you will fall in love with, from luxury women’s clothing to one of a kind inventions that will make your life a lot more comfortable.

Adea – Avoid Top Fashion Faux Pas

In the Fall it’s all about layering!  Have you just found the cutest t-shirt, blouse, or trendy slacks and just can’t wait to show them off?! What you wear underneath can actually make or break your outfit.  Since we don’t want you appearing on anyone’s worst dressed list, I wanted to introduce you to Adea – beautifully made layering tops, camisoles and lingerie in Italian luxury made fabrics designed to keep you comfortable while traveling, at home and at work.  Adea’s beautifully made pieces will give you a beautiful silhouette and contour to your body for a modern, feminine fit.  They are well made basics any woman would love wearing!   Sleek, Sophisticated, Timeless – see more at

Pocket Poppet – The Cardigan on the Go
Stylish. Practical. Packable. Perfect for the lady on the move!  The stylish and functional Pocket Poppet offers a fashionable and easy way to always have a clean cardigan handy to pop on.  Proudly made in the USA, the Pocket Poppet is a fashionable open drape front cardigan that is created to fold into its own attached convenient and protective pouch.  That pouch also works as a third hand in holding important documents in an easily accessible location while going through security.  The adaptable design translates to any type of event, activity, or errand for the ultimate in style mileage!  Available for $99 at

NapAnywhere!NapAnywhere – Get Your Nap On Anywhere!
~ President John F. Kennedy ate his lunch in bed and then settled in for a nap—every day!
~ President Ronald Reagan famously took naps as well.
Could these successful leaders know something you don’t? In fact according to national surveys, one in three adults admit that on any typical day they take a nap and Doctors say it’s good for you!  Now there is a new way to take a Nap…ANYWHERE with NapAnywhere! The NapAnywhere is a portable head-support pillow developed specifically by a physician for frequent travelers. This comfortable, portable device can be used effectively while traveling on planes, subways, trains, buses and cars as a passenger. Small and compact, it fits easily into your carry-on, backpack, laptop bag or purse. The NapAnywhere is available in three colors and three sizes. It’s also stain-resistant and can be wiped clean. A carrying pouch is included to help protect the NapAnywhere when not in use.  Invented by a Doctor who travels a lot!

Cap-Sac – The Fanny Pack for Your Head

Now THIS is using your head!  Cap-sac offers baseball caps for adults and kids and visors with a zippered closure to hold all of your necessities, leaving you hands free for fun! Cap-sacs also fold up to fit in a pocket or purse. All Cap-sacs have a comfortable Velcro closure and are made from a soft nylon. This would be great to help kids keep their stuff together on a plane, or during a long car ride. One size fits most. Starting at $14.99 at

KORNER'D Board Game
KORNER’D Board Game

Endless Games
Play games on the plane or in the never-ending car trip! For ages 3 to 103, Endless Games offers card, dice, party, word, strategy, trivia, survey and pop culture games for everyone! Games like Oddly Obvious, the wild game where all the answers are right in front of you. One player reads clues while the other players race to spot the correct answers on a game card. The trick, the answers are each in different fonts and colors, written up, down, and even upside down. Shout out the most correct answers to win. It’s not as easy as you think! Other great travel games and board games at 

Karma Gifts
Karma Gifts has you covered with essential products for your upcoming winter trip! Pack everything you need in the boho-chic Weekender Travel Tote from Karma Gifts. Be sure to take along your matching cosmetics bag to fit anything you don’t want to get lost in your bag. Get a matching travel coffee mug, robe, wrap bracelets, scarf and so much more! Feel great about your purchase too, Karma Gifts donates a portion of each sale to those in need.

MyTask Iphone 6 CasePhoneSoap Polish
The PhoneSoap Polish is portable and great for travel. It will kill the bacteria on your smartphone and tablet and make sure to get rid of germs you may have picked up along the way. It is the size of chapstick and you can stick it in your pocket to make sure your smartphone is always germ-free. PhoneSoap Polish is a premium, all-natural, antibacterial touch screen polish specially formulated to kill bacteria and help prevent fingerprints and smudges and smartphone and tablet touch screens. It is 100% non-toxic and chemical free.

myTask from TaskLab is an iPhone case that makes your smartphone smarter! myTask not only protects your iPhone, but it also incorporates a hidden compartment with a range of tools designed to help in times of need and customized for your life. The shell case is slim, beautifully designed, looks and feels great. Also, it is fully TSA compliant and weighs a feathery 65 grams so barely adds any bulk to your phone. Great to have everything you need for your business trip in your iPhone case! 

Jacqueline Maddison
Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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