Luxury Jet: Vista Jet GL 7500

Explore some of the world’s most iconic places on VistaJet Global GL 7500. Take a breathtaking trip around the world, explore cultural and natural treasures that have inspired and captured the imagination of humankind for centuries! And you’ll travel in supreme comfort aboard the fully customized private jet, outfitted with fully reclining flatbed seats with space for no more than 19 guests.

Similarly, you can now access this private flagship with VistaJet Program membership, amongst a host of other benefits. But what makes the VistaJet Global 7500 the industry flagship?



Max range 7,700 nm
Max speed 0.925 Mach
Max altitude 51,000 ft


Passengers 14 | 8 sleeping
Cabin height 6 ft 2 in
Cabin width 8 ft
Cabin length 54 ft 5 in
Baggage capacity 195 ft³

Speed and range

The Global 7500 is both the fastest choice as well as having the longest range. Additionally, with a fast cruise speed of Mach .925 and a maximum range of 7,700 nautical miles. Resultantly, that’s over an 8% decrease in travel time, and depending on your flight, that could mean flights that are hours shorter.

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Natural light beyond comparison

With 80% larger windows versus the Global 6000 and the unique Soleil lighting system, the Global 7500 creates an experience without competition. in addition to the enhanced natural light and viewing angles, the new Soleil dynamic daylight simulation technology automatically adjusts cabin lighting to synchronize your circadian rhythm to the time of your destination, reducing jetlag.

A convergence of business and pleasure

Step aboard and into a Club Suite that means business. Featuring the revolutionary Nuage seat and extra-large windows, this bright and inviting living space creates the perfect environment for quiet reflection, conversation, and business productivity.

With new larger and evenly spaced windows, the Global 7500 aircraft provides more natural light than any other cabin in business aviation, as well as providing every passenger with a window seat.

Your table is ready

With comfortable seating for six, the elegant Conference Suite of the Global 7500 dream jet features a distinct design with sophisticated style. Bring guests together for a business lunch or a family dinner and savor fine cuisine, meticulously prepared in the industry’s largest and most well-appointed kitchen.

The kitchen on the Global 7500 aircraft is as elegant as it is functional. Developed in consultation with the world’s top cabin crews, the remarkable kitchen was designed with intent to prepare the industry’s most varied meal selections.

An aircraft to transform the industry

Achieving an average speed record of Mach .925 and a new range record of 7,700 miles, the Global 7500 is an outlier. It is setting the new standard for what it takes to be considered a top-tier aircraft for international travelers and business executives.

The new GE Passport engines powering the Global 7500 produce less noise and fuel consumption, and the high-speed transonic wing cuts down on drag, further reducing fuel burn and emissions.

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The Nuage seat

The Nuage seat represents the first meaningful change in the operation and design of a business aircraft seat in 30 years. At its heart are three key features unavailable on any other seat in business aviation:

  • Tilt link system for the first-ever deep recline
  • The floating base for fluid movement
  • Tilting headrest for exceptional support

What dreams are made of

In the Global 7500 aircraft’s available Master Suite, discover the soothing tranquility of home. Experience luxurious comfort in a personal space that features an unprecedented array of optional furnishings, including a permanent bed and a true stand-up shower in the En Suite.

Dedicated Crew Suite

Cabin comfort extends to the crew, thanks to a permanently accessible and well equipped Crew Suite designed to maximize comfort and privacy on long haul flights.

Pure air when you need it. Fresh air when you want it.

Bombardier Pũr Air is a sophisticated air purification system that features an advanced HEPA filter that purifies and cleans the air. Available exclusively on Global aircraft, Bombardier Pũr Air offers both purified and 100% fresh air, delivering cleaner air with better humidity and quicker heating and cooling than 100% fresh air only systems.

Dial-up your cabin experience

The all-new nice Touch cabin management system designed exclusively for the Global 7500 aircraft dials up the cabin experience, redefining the way you interact with the cabin and your content.

The range leader

Engineered for total performance and features an industry-leading 7,700 nm range, no other business jet offers the Global 7500 aircraft’s ultimate combination of range, speed, field performance, and smooth ride.


Luxury Jet: Vista Jet GL7500 #privatejets #jets #vistajet #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

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