Luxury Home Additions To Attract More Buyers

Luxury Home Additions To Attract More Buyers #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxuryhomeadditions #top-notchsecurityfeatures #homeimprovements #enhanceproperty'scomfort
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The key to selling high-end real estate (or any product, for that matter) is identifying your target audience and presenting a property that accommodates their needs. While affordability and convenience are often top priorities for traditional buyers, attracting audiences with deeper pockets presents unique challenges that luxury home additions. If a person is going to spend six figures or more, they’d prefer to purchase a move-in ready property with all the bells and whistles included.

As high-end buyers tend to be more selective about where they spend their money, sellers must pull out all the stops to get the best offers. Position your property above the competition by considering these luxury home additions listed below. 

Heated Floors

Heated floors are a luxury must-have for properties where the weather gets cold. The construction trend provides better temperature control in common areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Radiant heat flooring is more efficient than radiators and other heating systems, therefore, saving money. It’s also easy to install, user-friendly, and safer for families with small children or pets. 

Spa-Like Bathrooms

What could be more luxurious than feeling like you’re at a spa retreat every day? High-end consumers spend thousands of dollars pampering themselves. Why not tap into their interests by creating an oasis at home?  Renovations that make the bathroom feel like a wellness retreat are sure to garner the attention of luxury home buyers

A stand-in shower with glass doors, multi-directional showerheads with massaging features, duvets with heated seats, jacuzzi tubs, and home saunas are great additions to the master or main bathroom.

Bonus Rooms

Go beyond the traditional bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room to provide high-end buyers with additional spaces to enjoy their time at home. Bonus rooms like home offices, dens, game rooms, bars, and wine rooms are excellent options for a luxury property. They create a wow factor and enhance the home’s comfort, functionality, and entertainment. 

Outdoor Kitchens

It’s no secret that the elite enjoys hosting shindigs, from cocktail parties to holiday gatherings. You can extend their entertainment space by creating an outdoor kitchen. A spacious patio or deck equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and accessories will do the trick. Opt for brick, stone, or wood flooring and architectural features with stainless steel appliances, elegant countertops, plenty of cabinets, and a wet bar. You can push things over the top by installing a brick oven and a fire pit. 

Multi-Car Garages

If there’s one thing high-end consumers have plenty of, it’s cars. Since buyers prefer to keep their prized possessions nearby, adding a multi-vehicle garage to the estate is a worthwhile investment. Garages with plenty of storage space and top-notch security features will save luxury buyers money while providing them with peace of mind. 

Security Is A Must

Luxury homes are prime crime targets, making investing in high-tech security systems important. Save prospective buyers time and money by prioritizing their safety. Cameras, motion detectors, access code entry, and 24-hour surveillance are attractive features to add to the property. It ensures that buyers can easily protect themselves, their families, and their possessions.

Curb Appeal

Finally, there’s curb appeal. High-end buyers have an image to uphold. As the home’s exterior reflects the property owner and the neighborhood, it’s essential to go above and beyond when making improvements. A well-manicured lawn is just the beginning of luxury real estate. 

Sellers and investors should consider additions like circular driveways, automatic fences, water fountains, and sculptures. Wrap things up in a nice bow by finishing with exterior lighting like ceiling, wall, pole, landscaping, and permanent holiday lighting systems. Of course, you should always check with city ordinances and homeowners associations to ensure your elaborate renovations are legitimate. 

Selling luxury real estate is a challenging task. As your target audience doesn’t have the same concerns or needs as a traditional buyer, it can take longer to get a reasonable offer. The good news is that with luxury home additions, there are ways to satisfy the needs of an otherwise picky audience and sell your home faster. Investing in the appropriate home improvement projects will enhance a property’s aesthetics, comfort, convenience, and functionality, making it a prime location that buyers will find hard to turn down. 

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