Luxury Helicopter: The Airbus H130

Luxury Helicopter: The Airbus H130 #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #buyahelicopter #luxury #luxuryhelicopter #shophelicopteronline #airbus #airbush130
Luxury Helicopter: The Airbus H130 #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #buyahelicopter #luxury #luxuryhelicopter #shophelicopteronline #airbus #airbush130

Airbus H130 is a luxury helicopter manufactured by Airbus (former Eurocopter). The company boasts the largest revenue generation and helicopter deliveries in the aviation industry. Its main facility and headquarters are in Marignane, France. Other satellite plants are across the globe, in countries like Australia, Spain, Brazil, Romania, and the United States. (Images Credit: James Edition)

Since its inception, the helicopter earned over 1.8 million flight hours. For operators, there are over 340 worldwide. In fact, H130 is reputable for charter services and emergency missions like medical operations, among others. 

If you are planning to charter or buy a helicopter, read on. You will quickly understand why Airbus H130 is the perfect model to use.

The Cabin Structure of Airbus H130

Airbus H130 comes with a spacious cabin and expansive windows. It needs one or two pilots, depending on the mission. It accommodates up to seven passengers when on standard tours. While in medical operations, it can carry a stretcher and four medical crews. 

To achieve a flat-floor cabin and more space, the manufacturer removed the mounting box on the rear seat, leaving ample room for the medevac. Plus, the seats are excellent and offer the best comfort. They have luxury features, like energy-absorbing and leather material.

Cabin changes include improved air conditioning and a redesigned interior structure. Also, the luxury helicopter features an updated cockpit with an enhanced man-machine interface. It integrates the Garmin G500H glass cockpit with SVS and HTAWS.

This Airbus benefits from strengthening airframes, door hinges, tail boom join, and increasing TBO intervals. The H130 comes with an active vibration control system that dampens vibrations. In addition, they added an integrated crash-resistant fuel bladder. 

Above all, the H130 incorporates the latest technologies, materials, and avionic systems. Her instrument panel features the vehicle and engine multifunction display (VEMD), a navigation system, and a GPS. Hence, making the helicopter user-friendly and easy to fly. 

The Rotor System of Airbus H130

Suppose you intend to buy a helicopter with an intermediate single-engine. Then, H130 is the helicopter to pick. It operates on two proven Main and tail rotor systems. Both of them incorporate Airbus technologies like performance, reliability, ruggedness, and safety. 

The rotors and blades are of high standards. They are non-corrosive and have a long service life. They are also easy to maintain. 

After all, the rotors are less vulnerable but well strengthened to withstand impact. They produce low external sounds. Plus, the system enhances the safety of personnel repairing the rotorcraft. 

The helicopter uses a mono turbine with a maximum load take-off of 2500 kg. Fuel tank holding capacity equals 937 lb. The ceiling limit is around 23,000 ft, while her climb rate is about 287 km/h. Moreover, the Luxury Airbus H130 offers outstanding range performance. For instance, her cruise range stands at 610 km, cruising speed is 240 km/h, and the maximum speed is 287 km/h. 

Price of Airbus H130 Helicopter

The asking price of a brand new H130 is available upon request. However, the cost of a used model depends on several factors. For example, the year of manufacture, avionic upgrades, and maintenance level determine the actual price.

Closing Remarks

Airbus H130 is one of the most versatile helicopters in the market. It’s a perfect luxury helicopter for sightseeing, especially for tourists. The helicopter produces sound levels below the ICAO requirements. It can then fly to areas with restrictive sound limits like national parks, wildlife reserves, and urban areas. 

The Airbus H130 offers everything, from the spacious cabin, panoramic views to a large windscreen. Plus, the H130 provides unbeatable comfort levels at a cheap cost per seat in its class.


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