Luxurious Amazing LA Apartments for Students

Luxurious Amazing LA Apartments for Students #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #newapartmenthomes #studenthousing #luxuryapartment #luxurystudenthousing
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Let’s face it, traditional college dorms are crowded and run-down and offer little privacy to students. These negative characteristics combine to create a place that isn’t particularly favorable to studying, let alone having a happy college experience. Fortunately, many students and parents have learned that there is no reason to settle with gloomy, filthy dorm rooms. Instead, they’ve chosen a far superior alternative: luxury apartments.

The term “luxury student housing” has recently acquired popularity. Nonetheless, many people need clarification about what it means. This term refers to student residences that are well-appointed with amenities that promote healthy living. While the amenities in premium residential units certainly enable individuals to unwind, it goes much further than that. These residences contain security doors, 24-hour workspaces, and well-equipped gym areas. Let’s explore some of the features a student should look for when searching for a 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles.

Amenities to look out for

When it comes to student housing, comfort should always come first, so you should always look at the amenities in each building and choose what best suits you. Here are some of the most crucial features to look for in your student housing:

Premium Wi-Fi – Yes, your facility does have Wi-Fi, but how effective is it? Premium W-iFi means it works even if every student within your property uses the internet simultaneously — which is highly likely. So there is no lag while students are on Zoom calls, streaming TV shows on Netflix, completing homework, or playing online video games. The one thing that many college students can probably agree on is that slow or intermittent internet is a deal breaker.

Security – This amenity will make parents eager for their students to live on the property. Residents and families alike benefit from safety and security requirements. These standards can be met by installing CCTV security cameras and on-site security guards and providing secure entry/exit options in apartments. Keys are being phased out for more secure entry mechanisms such as fob keys and keycards.

Fitness centers – In response to some concerning mental health trends (especially among Generation Z), several institutions have emphasized the importance of their student body’s physical and psychological health. They believe that concentrating on this will help students cope with the stresses of college life and improve their academic achievements.

Environment – While looking for the finest off-campus living, consider apartments in proximity to your college and its overall atmosphere. For starters, it is generally known that most students struggle to focus on their activities when their surroundings are chaotic and noisy. As a result, it’s advisable to find a peaceful spot where you can study and revise for your examinations without any distractions. Aside from assisting you in learning more efficiently, living in a tranquil environment can improve your mental health and enable you to focus more on your courses. A quiet study location, whether in your bedroom or study area, can help you meet your deadlines on time.

Of course, there are plenty more amenities you will want. Still, by this point, you are probably already thinking, how will I find an apartment with those features? Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few places that not only have some, or all, of these features but also include many more.

Luxurious Amazing LA Apartments for Students #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #newapartmenthomes #studenthousing #luxuryapartment #luxurystudenthousing
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Luxury apartments in LA

The Maxwell

Welcome to the West Los Angeles lifestyle you’ve always wanted. New apartment homes are at the heart of everything, where every aspect has been carefully researched and built for comfort, convenience, and style; boutique and one-of-a-kind, elegant, and refined. It’s your space, full of style, expression, and hope. Enter into boutique living that enables you to live your best life. The thoughtful amenities at Maxwell promote wellness, engagement, and enjoyment. It’s more than a home with a well-equipped fitness facility, two rooftop decks, and a speakeasy-inspired lounge, it’s a way of life. Open your door and welcome the bright, stylish, and stimulating atmosphere of West Los Angeles. International dining, movie theaters, prominent hot places, and a wealth of sophisticated shopping enterprises are all within walking distance.

The Harper

The Harper is a brand-new, opulent condominium in the center of Koreatown. Like the harp instrument, this residence has wonderfully curled themes surrounding the building and will fill you with heavenly happiness. Your stay here will be enjoyable, complete with fully equipped kitchens, an in-unit dryer/washer, and central air conditioning.

The Audrey

The Audrey is an opulent and modern-eclectic apartment building located at the crossroads of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue in the center of Koreatown. This apartment complex is ideal for people looking for a well-designed and enjoyable environment. While the building has luxurious features reminiscent of the 1920s, there are also quirky details such as the rooftop putting park, each unit’s kitchen tiles, and the bright public spaces. Each unit has its own balcony, fully furnished kitchen, washer and dryer, and central air conditioning. Some units even include dual vanity sinks.

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