LA’s Art Scene ~ Red Carpet Art Show

LA's Art Scene ~ Art Show ~ Josephine Wall
LA's Art Scene ~ Art Show ~ Josephine Wall

PICTURED ABOVE: ART by Josephine Wall

Los Angeles-based furnishings importers EWI Collections is producing a grand and innovative art event called ART.LIFE starting at 7P.M. on Saturday March 30, 2013. This red-carpet event will take place on the 11th floor of the historic LA MART, at 1933 South Broadway, just south of Downtown LA.

“The show aims to fuse the essentials of the living space with the esthetics of art,crossing and combining traits from both, in an attempt to convey the complexity and functionality of art as a living entity, as well as life as momentary art piece,” said Amy Demirchian, founder of EWI Collections and creator of the show.

Demirchian plans to open an art gallery adjacent to her current showroom on the 12th floor sometime soon, and will be representing some of the featured artists in her newest showroom.

The event hopes to bring wide-spread attention to the talent within Los Angeles, by showcasing only local artists. The temporary gallery exhibition space of nearly 30,000 sq. ft. will feature LA’s best and most creative fine artists in all mediums. Included in the diverse and eclectic exhibit will be fine oil paintings in the classical style, edgy acrylic
urban art, mixed–media marvels, and sculpture. The exhibit is under the creative direction of Henri Martel, and is co-produced by Oskar Rivera.

An additional installation within the exhibit will feature special artwork created by youth that have been mentored through Los Angeles Arts Alliance. LAAA is an organization that raises money to promote art and culture among young people and artists in Los Angeles. A portion of sales proceeds from the event will go to this non-profit organization.

The LA Mart building, which has been home to furniture and decorative showrooms to the trade industry for fifty-five years, is seeing refreshing innovations under the direction of Sr. Vice President and General Manager Frank Joens. Joens has made it clear that he wishes to develop the LA Mart identity further and insure it’s legacy as an essential part of LA’s downtown art scene. “Art.Life” is a step in that direction.

Tickets for the opening night event are $20, payable at the door.

Public access is $10 April 1-5, Monday through Friday, from 10-4 pm.

More information is available under the
events section on the EWI website at

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